Sealed Mystery Pack Fakes?


Earning My Ears
Apr 7, 2017
Has anyone bought a sealed 5-pin mystery pack that was fake? I see a few listings on ebay and the prices are good. Thanks!


Aug 10, 2014
I’m pretty sure those are sold by cast members bought on discount, or pass holders with discounts. Or possibly bought st the outlets. I’ve ordered a couple and they seemed fine, but I’m not an expert!


DIS Veteran
Apr 20, 2012
I’ve bought several of these on eBay. I agree that I think they come from CMs that can buy at a big discount. You can see that some of the pins (the two pin mystery boxes, for example) must be less discounted to the CM, as those prices are never as well discounted on eBay as the 5 pin mystery bags.

They all appear real to my untrained eye, and are identical to the ones I’ve bought directly from Disney. I’ve compared the bags, the price tags, and identical pins from those bags and from the bags I bought from Disney. Indentical. I like to use any duplicates as traders for my daughters, as they keep the ones they don’t already have, and trade the doubles. CMs always seem very excited to see these traded, as I suspect that they are so used to seeing the same cheap scrapers, and they recognize these as real pins. We have even had several CMs put the pin we traded them “away” or in their pocket, so that presumably they could keep it and “trade” with their CM lanyard and keep our pin for their personal collection. That again makes me feel a little happy that our pins are legit and ones that they are happy to get.


Jun 10, 2014
I bought one sealed mystery pack that I thought was fake. The sealing was done OVER the price tag and diagonal, which I thought was VERY strange. However, I am 99% sure the pins were real when comparing them to the real colors, weights, etc. of the real versions.

HOWEVER, many of the packaged booster sets are fake (the ones that come in the clear overwrap). I bought some at auction from one seller that turned out to be real. I then later bought more from the SAME seller, and they were definitely fake. So you can't even trust you will get the same thing from the same seller again.

So, regarding Ebay, I will no longer be purchasing the clear overwrap booster sets, and would warn against them, but I will probably try a sealed booster pack again.

I don't know about anyone else, but a lot of there cover pictures look strange to me. though. Like the bag is deflated?


Earning My Ears
Nov 17, 2018
Hi I'm really new to the collecting pin (I'm trying to figure out how to start) and I have seen on eBay some really nice offer and I was thinking to go with mystery pack to stay on the safe side and while I was making some search I was looking at this youtube video (
) where is possible to see the serial number but when I was looking to the database is not possible to find it and also the serial number are the same in more pins, in addition, the colors of Winnie the pooh and of and Piglet look a little bit off what do you think?


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