Sea World Crowds Thanksgiving Weekend

Belle & Ariel

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Aug 19, 2008
We will be driving down Wednesday and going to Busch Gardens Thanksgiving Day then driving to Orlando. We plan to do Discovery Cove (6th time) and Sea World Black Friday and Saturday then Sunday check into Disney hotel to use our APs there for the week and maybe get another night in at SW to see the Christmas shows.
Which would be the better (LESS CROWDED) day to do SW of Friday and Saturday?
We have been over that weekend before but don't remember which day was more crowded. I know there was a time we left because it was so crazy about 2 or 3 years ago that weekend.
We're staying at a hotel with the quick que card thankfully, but a priority will be to see the Christmas show O Wondrous Night.


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Jun 20, 2000
I'm pretty sure that Seaworld's Christmas shows are only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights until mid December when they run every day.

I'd plan on doing the Christmas shows both nights. O Wonderous Night is worth 2 viewings. Get in line at least 1 1/2 hours prior to the first show to get a seat in the back. Arrive earlier to get seats closer to the front. The other shows are in massive theaters and are easy to get into even on busy nights. They schedule the shows 1/2 hour apart so there is no rush to get from one show to the next, unless you want a seat near the front. Make sure to catch the Sea of Trees light show as well.

Make sure to see the skating show at Busch Gardens at least once. There is also a brass band that plays Christmas songs called Holiday Hills located near the entrance of the now defunct Gwazi. Their show times are not listed in the guide, but are absolutely amazing!

Just be grateful you are not in the crowds in the Disney Parks over Thanksgiving. I'm sure they are a lot worse.

Both parks are just wonderful during their Christmas celebrations.


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