Sea World / Aquatica September specials !

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    Sea World and Aquatica are running some good September specials right now .........

    Sea World - Buy one Adult one day admission get the second one 50% off.
    That comes out to $60. per person for 1 day at Sea World .
    Must purchase online , and before 9/9 . Use anytime from 9/1 - 9/30 .
    Not a bad deal for the day . If Infinity falls opens soon( it should) , that will be a nice bonus as well !

    Aquatica - 40% off single day tickets = $39.99 Per person , Per day .
    Must purchase online . Can be used 1 day after purchase .
    Special runs 9/1-9/30 .
    New "Ray Rush" just opened this year as well .

    Also , perhaps an even better deal, if you need 2 days - Sea World/Aquatica/Busch Gardens .
    The 2 day "pick any park" deal WITH all day dining option is $139.99 PP. That puts the all day dining option at $20. per day. It would be hard to not make that worth it. If you eat more than 1 meal the whole day, you should come out ahead unlimited soft drinks ! If you can eat 3 meals a day (or more if you want, as its 1 per hour) , you will definitely come out WAY ahead !

    Hope this helps someone thinking about going to Sea World, Aquatica or Busch Gardens in September !
    We might just take a few days away from WDW for this now !
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    Thank - looks like the 2-day ticket with dinning is also good for Busch gardens Tampa bay - now I just need to figure out how to get to Busch gardens from Universal.
    I think there may be a shuttle, like with sea world.

    Even better - At Busch gardens the have BOGO on beer with all day dinning - too bad Sea world does not include that
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