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    Jan 19, 2010
    I just returned from a short break to Disney, and decided to try a different restaurant each day, all of them new to me.

    Sci-Fi Drive In Monday, April 5. I had a 2:10 reservation. After checking in, the "Parking Attendant" led me to my car. She was very kind, telling me about the Drive-In. I was seated in the back of a six-person car. The first thing I noticed is how quiet the Drive-In was. It was filled with guests, but most people just seemed to be talking and watching the movie clips. My waiter was very efficient. I had the buger with the works and fries, two things that I don't eat very often. They were delicious!

    Les Chefs de France Tuesday, April 6. Reservation was for 12:00. People were gathering just before for the restaurant to open at 12:00. I was seated very quickly next to a window. My waiter was great. I ordered the Prix Fixe lunch with French Onion soup, toasted ham and cheese sandwich, and ice cream filled pastry puffs for dessert. The French Onion soup was tasty, but a bit too hot (temperature wise). There's a slice of bread under the cheese that can be very hot too. I also had a fresh baguette with butter served with the soup. The second course was the toasted ham and cheese served with a green salad. This is not your ordinary "grilled ham and cheese!" The outside is crusted with cheese, and the bread is thickly sliced. Paired with the green salad, it was very good. While I was eating the sandwich and salad, Chef Remy was making his way through the dining room. If that wasn't enough, the "Flower Ladies" were driving past Les Chefs in their brightly painted jalopy, and decided to stop off and stare into the windows at Remy! It just goes to show that you never know what you are going to see at Disney. The pastry puffs (2) I had for dessert were filled with vanilla ice cream, bathed in chocolate sauce, sprinkled with white chocolate and had berries on the side. It was a delicious ending to the meal.

    Earl of Sandwich Tuesday evening, April 6. Still full from lunch, I waddled to Downtown Disney for something light before going to the movies. I had the Caprese Salad and Tomato Soup, both new to me. The Caprese Salad had lettuce, tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves and a basalmic vinegarette dressing. The salad was good, but a little heavy on the basil. Everyone raves about the Tomato Soup at Earl of Sandwich, and now I know why. The soup is served with freshly baked croutons, and out of this world! I definitely recommend it!

    Whispering Canyon Cafe Before heading back home, my last ressie would be for 10:00 am on Wednesday, April 7. I had not been to Wilderness Lodge before, but as soon as I drove up I felt like I was back at Mt. Ranier in Washington. The lodge is quite breathtaking. After being seated, my waiter brought a menu and then coffee. Then I started to get into the dialogue around me. This is a place where the servers yell across the dining room for what they need, prompting other guests to help them out! "Princess over here needs tabasco sauce!" "Where's all the ketchup at! Come on, hand it over!" "Don't worry about leaving the mess behind, I'll clean it up," as one party leaves their table. After I saw how huge the skillets were, I settled for a Western Omelette that came with red bliss potatoes. I asked for wheat toast instead of the biscuit that was included. My breakfast was delicious and served in a fun atmosphere.
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    nice reviews, thanks for posting. I'll have to try that soup at EoS...have never had anything but the sandwiches there (which are wonderful, too.)

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