Scare and noise factor.Be honest!


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Sep 19, 1999
I have a daughter who is soooooooooo sensitive to noise that after reading about all the pyrotechnics at US and IOA, I am starting to question if she would even enjoy herself. Please anyone just how loud is it? this is a girl who covers her ears sitting in the back row watching Fantasmic at MGM. Any help would be great.
hey gretal i am 12 am i have been there before and my ears i also very sensative there aint that many loud noises though
list of the ones
jaws(loud once or twice
beetle juice show pretty loud
wild wild west show loud
earthquake and kongfrontation not really bad
twister loud
terminator is pretty loud
i have gone on all these and loved them the noise didnt bother after a while but it really aint to bad after all. hope you have fun! From Suz
What pryrotechnics? We were at IOA and Universal last week and didn't see any. I have a son who is extremely sensitive to noises as well. He is now 11 but we could never even go to 4th of July fireworks until 2 years ago. It was the first time in his life he could watch them without completely freaking out. He still can't stand loud noises and was fine on all the rides we went on. I brought earplugs but he didn't even need to use them. We did not see the stunt shows, live stage shows or Wild West show, so I can't vouch for the volume level of these shows. I am being honest because I know that sensitive kids can become absolutely traumatized and refuse to go on anything! This happened at Disney World several years ago. After Tower of Terror my son wouldn't go on one more ride the entire vacation. This time I promised him I wouldn't take him on anything that might scare him and he trusted me and it was fine. I don't recommend Jaws, I tried it first and thought the gun shots and explosions would bother him, so he skipped it. Everything else was fine, have fun!
Pyrotechnics as in fire, fireworks and loud explosions???? Earthquake, Twister, Jaws? Grenade launchers during Dynamite nights Stuntacular to name a few............
this is the loudest attraction I can ever remember. I would avoid this. Nothing else seemed that loud to me.

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Hi gretel!
There's so much to do to keep anyone preoccupied with fun, even if skipping some things due to noise or scare intensity. You'll get lots of feedback here to give you ideas on what to avoid.
Don't know your DDs' age, but I'd definitely take her on Men in Black at USF and Cat in Hat at IOA. Those are just for starters and could very well be her highlights of a fantastic vacation.
Like I said, what Pyrotechnics?? I know WHAT they are, we just didn't encounter any the 3 days we were there. Also the Dynamite nights stunt spectacular wasn't even happening last week. Do they still do it? There was no fire, fireworks or loud explosions. Either I totally missed these things or you are misinformed about their occurences!
The shows that have loud explosions and pyrotechnics are Wild Wild West Stunt show and Beetlejuice at USF, and Posideon's Fury and Sinbad at IOA. T2 has a lot of gunfire.


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Actually, there are other loud things too...

Twister: Loud lightning and wind
GGG Horror Makeup Show: Loud gunfire at one part of the show

Marvel Super Hero Island is a loud island sometimes


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
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"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
Buy earplugs or carry cottonballs and enjoy yourselves!

Yes, I thought about the earplugs and think it is a good idea. We are looking forward to our trip!
cforza they have cancelled the dynamite nights show i asked the same questions on here a couple of days ago. :( :( :( :(
My DS is the same he's 9 now. Last year he didn't like Jurassic park,jaws,terminator,earthquake. We had to drag him on Kong but he handled it pretty well,Twister we were right up front he almost broke camp... :cool: :(
It's not loud but it might be a scare factor.

I once saw a six-year-old boy nearly jump out of his skin when a dinosaur growled in the underbrush as he and his daddy were strolling along one night.

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Speaking of loud noises on Marvel Super Hero Island.. I remember a while ago there used to be occasional "explosions" on the top of the buildings on either side of the island's main street. They were random as far as I could tell, and made a really sudden & loud BANG. I think it was back in July, August or September of 2000.

What was the deal with those? They nearly gave me a heart attack on a few occasions..


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