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    Howdy Kids!! :wave: How was your week? :)

    Well, I must say it was a busy and exciting one here at the Saturday Night Chat Institute Of Wine, Pizza, and Television Studies. as we bustled around getting things ready for one of our favorite events of the year. .

    That's right; tonight we are proud to present:

    The 47th Annual DIS Fourth Of July Weekend Celebration Chat Spectacular, Fireworks Show, Drinkathon, and Dance Marathon!!







    That's right Campers, tonight's the night. . . and this year we are especially excited because, by calling up WDW park officials and claiming to be "Mrs. Roy Disney Jr.", my lovely co-host Marla was able to con them into reserving the entire Magic Kingdom just for us!!! :Pinkbounc

    I mean, is there a better place to celebrate the holiday then right on Main St. USA?? Okay. . maybe Vegas. . but other than there, we've gotten the best place to party in the world! ;) :teeth:

    Yes, it's going to be quite an evening. . . there will be tons of free food, free drinks, music, laughs. . and for entertainment we'll have roaming jugglers, mimes, clowns, minsterals, accountants, winos. .

    And then, for the spectacular Grand Finale. . . I, your humble Chat Host WillyJ, am going to light 2 sparklers; chug a flaming bottle of NyQuil; sing Born in the USA; and pass out on under the flag pole in the center square!!! :eek: ;)


    So as you can see, it's going to be an evening of fun for children of all ages and an event not to be missed!! :) :)

    Everyone is invited. . . so why not put on your Red-White-and-Blue Speedos, fire up your computer, and join your chat hosts MarlaH. and WillyJ. this Saturday night in the Main Chat Lobby at 9PM EST. It's a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow DIS'ers and get to know each other better in a relaxed, informal Atmosphere. :) :)

    As always, general Disney or Universal questions are encouraged and appreciated, and there will be a room full of Orlando veterans there to help you out. . .

    Everyone's invited, so see ya there! :D

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