Saratoga Springs...bumps, falters, redeems

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  1. Mickey Fliers

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    Sep 18, 2004
    Checked into SS on Monday after a 3 day stay at WL. We had booked a 2 bedroom on points for our family of six. When checking in, I was given a choice of rooms. I asked it they had any DTD views available and was told "yes, it must be your lucky day". At this point, I asked if there was a drink refill station in Congress Park as we have never stayed in that section. Once again told, "yes". Perfect!

    Bump #1. Upon entering our room, we hear a very loud and repetitive banging. Almost like hammering. Actually, just like hammering. The sound is incessant and echoing throughout the room. Sounds as if it is coming from directly beneath us. Before even setting down all the bags, I call front desk to report the noise and request a room change.

    Front desk CM can actually hear the noise through the receiver and says there is ceiling repairs being done and we will be getting a call from a CM who can authorize the room change. About 3 minutes later, a CM calls and tells us that she can't find us a room close by (didn't really want to reload the car) and encourages us to stay in room. She says "they are just replacing the locks in the room downstairs and the work will be done by 4:30". I ask "will the work we continuing tomorrow because I have a 4 year old who needs to rest in the afternoon" I am told "yes ma'am. Work will be finished today".

    Bump #2. Room is absolutely NOT a DTD view. No biggie. I choose to ignore.

    Bump #3. No drink refill station in Congress Park. Again, not gonna make a stink. Might mention it at checkout but really a non issue.

    Day 2. We arrive back to the room at 2:30 so my little one can rest and now not only can we hear the hammering, we can see the workers in the hallway directly beneath our room. I try to lie down with DD and she keeps saying " I can't close my eyes. My ears hurt". The hammering has now been joined with drilling and is crazy loud!

    DH goes to front desk to complain. We aren't complaining because the repair work being done (we get that has to be done). We are complaining because when we had the opportunity to move, we were lied to. We were actively discouraged from changing rooms and told the repairs were something completely different. DH is given the option of a room change or a $200 credit. As much as it was a pain since we were only staying 3 nights, we needed a new room, not the money. DH accepts room change and upon returning to offering room,finds a memo slipped under the door explaining the room repair that would be being done all week. Gee, didn't they know this when we first asked for a room change? :scratchin

    Redemption. We moved to our new room in the Paddock. Great location near new pool (love this) and find that we were given a Grand Villa. Sweet. :thumbsup2

    So, a few bumps along the way, but the staff at SS made the rest of our stay wonderful.
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    Mar 5, 2007
    When you called the front desk, you talked to a call center that might not have even been in Florida. So they would only know what info was given to them AND what from that information they actually read/heard and remembered.

    Always best to physically go to the front desk, and when you did that, you got what you needed!
  3. Missytara

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    Apr 3, 2009
    I am soooooooo happy for you.

    I work in construction management and I can tune out about anything with the exception of a constant banging noise. I have tinusitis and it causes what sounds like a bubbling in my ears. I have tuned out fire alarm systems, etc. so I really feel for you.

    I am glad they really came through.

    I stayed at SSR a couple of years ago, and I got really sick mid-way through the trip. The CM's could not have been more helpful setting me up with a ride to CCC and the pharmacy.

    In addition, our first night, our room was not released to us until after 5 pm and we had dinner ressies at Kouzinna's at 6:30 pm. We had been in our clothes since 3:45 am.

    I explained to the CM who hooked me up with the manager. I said I usually stay at POR, but we got upgraded to SSR under the 4/3 deals.

    He bent over backwards getting our bags to our room and had a CM pick us up in a van to take us over to the BW. All the way over, she gave us all kinds of recommendations for the food and things to do at the BW after our dinner.

    I could not have been more pleased with their service.
  4. lovethattink

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    Sep 17, 2004
    That's awesome about the redemption! Sorry you had to endure the loudness first.
  5. mamamary

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Glad it worked out for you.

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