Sandcastle Club or Neverland Club? Reservations?


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Dec 30, 2000
Is it necessary to make reservations in advance for the Clubs? If so, how far ahead, and what number should I call? Which one would be more enjoyable for a 5 yr. old DD?

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Yes, the clubs require reservations a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You can make the reservations at Guest Services at any of the resorts.

I would choose the club that is most convenient to where you will be. My daughter personally adores the Sandcastle Club and insists on staying there at least once every visit. If you're going to be in the MK area, then the Neverland Club makes more sense for convenience sake. :)

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We took my four-year-old to the Neverland Club in February, and she didn't like it much. It was extremely hot in there (must have been something wrong with the air conditioning), and the staff seemed kind of out of it when we went to check her out (it wasn't that late). She might have enjoyed it more if we hadn't just taken a cruise on the Disney Magic in December where they have a FANTASTIC kids' club. She said that the Neverland Club wasn't as much fun as that.


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