San Diego Trip Report October 15 - 19, 2019


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Apr 7, 2000
We had been talking about visiting San Diego for over a year and Southwest kept showing great ticket prices which we did not act upon. We finally decided it was time and booked our tickets. Our flight out was very good, little turbulance. After we landed and went to pick up our checked bags, we found that my husband's bag was missing. Southwest took our information and we headed out to our hotel.

We arrived at Old Town Inn, it was too early to check in yet, 9:30 am but they checked my bag in and we walked over to Old Town for breakfast. We ate at Old Town Mexican Cafe because our sister in law recommended it. After breakfast we received a call from Southwest that my husband's bag had been found. It had actually been picked up by accident and returned when the family that had taken it discovered that they had a bag that wasn't theirs. Nothing was missing from the bag and Southwest gave us a $200 voucher even though it wasn't their fault for the bag going missing.

We went back to our hotel to check in my husband's bag and walked back over to Old Town and spent the afternoon wandering around. It was an easy walk over.

When check in time came we headed back to the hotel and got our room. We were pleased with its cleanliness and location. The hotel clerk gave us dinner recommendations for Mona Lisa so that's where we went. Back at our hotel we turned in early since our day had been long and there was a two hour time difference between home and San Diego.

The next morning we walked back over to Old Town and purchased a one day ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Trolley. We felt that it was a good way to get a feel for the city and had done the same in Nashville a couple of years earlier. The ride lasted about two - two and a half hours. Back at the beginning we had to change trolleys to start over again and rode to Seaport Village for lunch. We ate at Sally's and then explored the shops. We walked down the Embarcadero to Tuna Harbor Park. We re-enacted the Unconditional Surrender with the help of bystanders and gave others a show. Then we visited the Salute to Bob Hope and the Military. By this time we were pretty tired from walking and caught the Trolley to ride back to Old Town where we walked to our hotel. Dinner was at the Corvette Diner. We were pretty exhausted so we didn't enjoy the place like we could have.

On Thursday, the 17th, walked down to Perry's Diner for breakfast and then went to the Zoo. We spent most of the day there and really enjoyed ourselves. This was the highlight of our trip and the main reason we decided to visit San Diego. Dinner was at Kansas City BBQ.

Friday found us renting a car and heading to La Jolla. On the way we stopped at The Broken Yoke on Garnet Avenue. Then we drove down to La Jolla cove to view the beaches and sea lions/seals. We spent several hours there and ate a late lunch at Girard Gourmet. We drove back to Old Town for some souvenir shopping for the grandkids and actually picked up a burger at Burger King because we just didn't feel like going out to eat anywhere.

Saturday found us lazing around in our hotel room until it was time to check out. Our flight home was uneventful.

We really enjoyed our visit to San Diego. We walked a lot and ubered wherever we wanted to go that we couldn't walk to except for the one day we rented a car because we didn't know exactly what we were going to do or where we were going. The rental car facility at the airport is so easy to get in and out of which was nice. As I said before, our zoo day was the highlight of our trip. We saw a number of homeless people especially during our walks to and from Old Town. We never felt unsafe and none of them approached us. I guess it's just a fact of life but seeing them made me feel sad.


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