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  1. hannymom

    hannymom Mouseketeer

    May 13, 2000
    we just returned and after reading other posts, it sounds like we all had some of the same problems.
    trying to get something from housekeeping was like pulling teeth.
    after two days, i finally asked (politely) if i could go somewhere and get the pillows myself.
    we never got turndown service, even though i stopped at the desk daily to request it.
    we got the free fruit for being loews members, but not until the third day, again asking daily.
    my requests were not out of the ordinary, nor were they anything that i weren't entitled to anyway.
    the choices for food, especially with kids, isn't very good. yet very expensive. they need a food court, even disney deluxes have some type of food court. two coffees and two muffins should not be $12. (orchid lounge, loud music)
    our cable kept going out, did anyone else have that problem? and when it's raining and you are stuck in your room with no tv, it is not a minor problem!
    staff and location were great. i just wish we didn't have to walk to city walk to eat all of the time.
    i can get two buffet original margarittas for the price of one pool drink! and you can't beat the atmosphere at margarittaville! i'll stick with jimmy!
  2. sshatney

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    Nov 5, 2001
    I didn't really have any major housekeeping issues. It took them about 1/2 hour to bring us some extra towels... no biggy. I never received my Loews first gift (fruit), but I never brought it up again after check-in because we already had some that we brought with us. I did have problem with the cable flickering on & off , but it only lasted a few seconds. I just figured that it was because of the rain. I did have problems with my phone having static in it at times & I couldn't use the wake up service with the preprogramed buttons. We had 2 rooms & the other room never had any problems. I figured that a brand new hotel probably has some kinks to work out. Nothing major overall.
  3. CPM

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    Dec 12, 1999
    We did have the cable goon & off but it was most certainly a weather related problem! Man those storms were awful!!!
    I really thought that for a brand new hotel they did a great job on thier first week! We stayed at Disney's BW the first week & it was a nightmare!
    I do agree about the food though, they really need to make it a bit more family friendly, maybe we can all write with our comments. I'm writing about mine. I wrote a thread on my thoughts here also.

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