Room size and beds in PB and HRH


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May 9, 2000
Can anyone tell me what beds are in a room at these hotels (2 queens vs. 2 double, any daybeds, etc?). We are a family of 5. Are the rooms at PB any larger with any extra amenities? Thanks for any info!
The room we had at the Portofino had two queen sized beds. The most wonderful, comfortable beds imaginable...
Were booked for the HR&also a family of 5. Pretty sure 2 Queen&they bring in a roll away for 1 of the kids (no extra charge)
HRH has 2 queen beds as well. No daybed, however, let them know you have 5 and will need a rollaway bed. They will provide it free of charge. :)
The rooms at Portofino are large. The beds are 2 queens or 1 king and roll in beds are available. I saw them when we were there and these are in no way cots! They were full size comfy twin beds! With the 2 queens and the roll away the room is still plenty big! I'm not sure on the room sizes at Hard Rock..I wonder if they matched Portofino's or if they are smaller. In any event...Portofino's beds are heavenly! :D

For those of you who've stayed at PB with kids - is it a kid-friendly place, or too stuffy? Would kids ten and up enjoy it, or would HRH be lots more fun? What is the pool like at PB? Thanks for any info!
I heard somewhere that the room size at HRH is 500 sq feet
over twice the size of all star rooms at WDW!
woah! :cool:
We had a Standard room at the HRH with 2 queens, and fitting a rollaway in there too would be quite a challenge ...

It can be done I'm sure, but don't expect to be able to move without stepping over or squeezing by other furniture.
grumpy and bashful,

My kids 3 and 7 years old loved Portofino! They loved the pool, the kids camp, the restaurants and the sprawling open area's to run. As Kelly has mentioned in a few posts, Portofino is loaded with little alcoves and niches for kids to really have a blast. I enjoyed them as well. I never felt uncomfortable being at this hotel with kids. As a matter of fact my kids have been to many a child friendly property and so far this one is their favorite!



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