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Earning My Ears
May 7, 2000
Why do goverment employees and teachers get room discounts? What about health care workers? We are not all doctors getting great pay. Alot of us are overworked and underpaid techs.

You need to start to play the discount room hunt game. It is good for your finger dexterity. Calling and Calling. The healthcare industry is in a state of flux right now so I don't think that you will ever see any appreciation in the way of discounts. I think it is just too sensitive an issue for people to see a healthcare worker as needing a discount. People think that it is a god givin talent to put up with sick grouchy people all day. I think it is how you are earning your wings into heaven. I am not to good with sick people. I think to myself that you are are sick and that is how you feel if you felt fine then you wouldn't be here bugging me. This is why I can never be a nurse. This is not to say I don't have compassion, I do but I am just not a good nurse. And I don't like to touch people I don't know. God Bless those of you who can do that.
...for the government discount. This would include state, county, city, etc. As long as you have a government employee identification card, you would qualify for the discount at hotels that offer them to government employees. You could also take a current pay stub with the government intity listed as the employer if your organization does not issue picture I.D.'s.

BTW, Disney does not offer government discounts except to military personnel, at Shades of Green only or for overflow from SoG. The Swan/Dolphin does, however, because it is part of the Starwood chain of hotels that offers government employee discounts.

When I made my reservation at the Dolphin, I was told to be sure to bring my government I.D. or I would be charged $355.00 per night. :eek:

I live in the real world, so I choose to vacation in Fantasy Land!!


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