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running mom

Earning My Ears
Feb 14, 2002
Has anyone stayed in room 2020? I know people say the rooms under some of the clubs are noisy. Ive also heard people talk about general ship noise. I know that we are under a lounge instead of a disco. I still have 342 days left until we leave so I still have time to change our reservation.
We just got back today. We stayed in 5522/5524, the secret port hole cabins. I experienced some ship noise and crew member noise. I think you should be aware you might interpret this differently. I was not bothered by the noise and it wasn't during your major sleep time. The ship noise was rather lulling to me and I'm gonna miss it. I would pay more attention to aft/midship/forward. I liked being in forward and being on the 5th deck because it was close to the elevators/stairs and the Oceaneer's Club was very close. Shows and shops were right downstairs from us. Great location in forward (IMHO).

Kim ºOº
I person's "disturbing" noise can be non-bothersome for some people and even preferable for others. I love being as far aft as possible, where you can hear the engines. I LOVE hearing them, as the noise soothes me (even at home, I sleep with a white noise machine). Some people might hate it, but I would much rather have engine noise than be in a room with a lot of hallway traffic, as sounds of people running, talking, slamming doors, etc. bothers me (hubby is not as picky about stuff like that).
We can generally be found in a secret porthole room when we are in in 5650, and although it is worth it for the "free" view, I notice that there is much more hallway traffic because you are at the beginning of the hall. We've never heard much noise from the crew area (I think it's a luggage room) there. I wouldn't do one of the adjoining SPRs because, with just hubby and I, there tends to be a family next door due to the pulldown bed, and it gets LOUD. This might not be so apparent if you have your own kids with you making their own noise.
Visit the Platinum Castaway Club at:
2020 is underneath Sessions (Magic)/Cadillac Lounge (Wonder). This is probably the least noisy of the three nightclubs.
We were in 2024 for our first cruise and I don't recall any noise from above at all. :)


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