Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin


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Dec 27, 2000
I think I read on here or some other site that this ride had been closed due to some sort of accident. I searched but couldn't find anything out. Can anyone tell me if it was, and if it is now open? Is it a fun ride? I saw where it was in toon town. Our "kids" are 15 and 19. Is it something that only small kids like or will we enjoy it? Thanks.
There was an accident several months ago where a child was hurt on the ride. At this time the ride is still closed due to them redesigning the ride vehicles. Hopefully it will open soon it is one of my favorite rides and what makes Toontown worth going to at least for me...IMHO

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We just returned from DL on Sat and Roger Rabbit's ride is indeed closed.

And, just so that you know your kids won't be disappointed - the entire ToonTown area is for toddler age children - so your teenagers wouldn't have anything to do in that area anyway. There is a very mild roller coaster that my two kids (age 8 & 10) rode, but we certainly could have skipped the entire area.

BTW, I was very disappointed when I saw ToonTown. It is very faded and run-down looking - very UNdisneylike!!

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