Roger Rabbit ride now open at Disneyland

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by roypar, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. roypar

    roypar Earning My Ears

    May 16, 2001
    Just saw on the news that Disneyland officials have reopened
    the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland. Apparantly they installed
    new safety precautions on the ride to avoid unfortunate
    accidents like what occured 9 months ago which shut it down
    in the first place. I would also like to add, that even though
    a ride may appear safe, if you do have a child and want to
    take them on a ride you should take into serious
    considerations about the warnings they post. I've been
    on the Roger Rabbit ride and it's a great ride, but if you spin it
    fast enough I can see how it could throw a 4 year old boy. It
    isn't like most of the Fantasyland rides, but even with those
    rides I could see something happening to a small child if
    someone doesn't take precautions. It is a moving vehicle
    after all and they are quite heavy.

    I used to work at Universal Studios at the E.T. ride, and you
    wouldn't believe how irresponsible some parents can be.
    (I am in no way saying that what happened at the Roger Rabbit
    ride was the parents fault) You wouldn't believe how many
    parents tried to bring their children who were under the
    age requirement onto the ride. One lady went so far as
    to hide her infant in a blanket and placed the child in-between
    her lap and the lap bar. I was working at the exit at the
    time and one of the leads noticed it first.

    I know the vast majority of parents are very responsible
    with their kids, but I cannot stress enough how important
    it is to evaluate how safe a ride is for your child. When it
    comes to your child there really is no such thing as a
    safety free environment.
  2. DonnaS

    DonnaS Ratsrule & CathyCanada-- 2 who are greatly missed

    Aug 18, 1999
    It was still closed when we were there late last week. One thing I did notice since the last time we were at DL (or maybe I just didn't notice before) was that the signs no longer said "A child under 7 must be acccompanied"; it now said "Young children...". I also saw lots of signs instructing "parents must supervise."

    That is unbelievable about the woman hiding the infant under a blanket. Some people are... for lack of a better word... stupid! That would be cause for prosecuting child endangerment, don't you think?
  3. roypar

    roypar Earning My Ears

    May 16, 2001
    yeah DonnaS I agree that it was stupid. But I
    think that park officials would be really leary about
    going that far. Especially since there are a lot of
    international visitors that visit the parks, and it might
    be hard to prosecute and bad publicity, especially if
    no one was hurt. Plus the fact that so many people
    are sue happy nowadays, and with so many lawyers
    around, park officials hands are kinda tied. That's
    just speculation of course.

    The lady who did this to her child by the way, didn't speak
    English, or at the least claimed not to, and when we informed
    her she should not have done this, she looked kinda
    bewildered, then just walked away.

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