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Oct 27, 2000
What is new at reward tv? Anyone still doing this? Have a great day!!! mrsdash
I'm still doing Reward TV but they don't have anything for points - it's all contest entries only. I have been racking up points and entering to win but I've never won anything. I am waiting to see if they start offering food coupons at the very least, but for now it's just the entries.
I have been doing Rewards TV since they started. When they offered the food coupons, I got some Taco Bell ones. In December, I won a Sony personal CD player that you can use in your car stereo's system. I haven't receieved it yet. That reminds me to remind them to send it!

Denise (29 more days to WDW and CBR)
Thanks guys. I really liked it when you could acually see what you were earning for,by the way
annaE4 I live right up the road from you in moncks corner. It's a small world after all.

:D mrsdash


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