Review for Hard Rock Resteraunt!!


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Aug 25, 2000
WE had a Blast!!! THIS was a suprise for DD 14, there is a room that has Backstreet Boys,NSYNC,and O Town memeribilia!! DD was in heaven!!

And the Food was so good!! the rosemary chicken was so verrry tender but cooked all the way thro!! DH and DD enjoyed their meals,too! and the price wasn't as bad as I had thought!!Of course I was able to get the Hard Rock Card in Feb. that gave you $10.00 off your meal!!! Plus they sent me a 30 year Anniversary pin!! That goes well with the hat I bought!!

By the end of our meal they had us up on chairs singing and signing YMCA!!! What a HOOT!! :D ;) :cool: :cool:

The Hard Rock Cafe makes a huge fuss if it's your birthday!
My son turned 12: his choice for dinner was the Hard Rock. They had him standing on his chair, with the entire crowd singing happy birthday. I think he will remember this birthday for years to come!
The pulled pork sandwich was excellent! We also had a great time here and I recommend the Hard Rock Cafe to everyone!
Check their website for Deals!! I got their card that gave us $10.00 off the meal!!! BUT now they have a new deal that costs $24.95 Click on the All Access Gold Card In the middle of the top

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Sounds cool. We'll be there next month!

Does the standard HRH card get you any type of preferred seating or do you need the gold card for that? Did you have reservations before going?

28 days to go!!!

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My husband and I have both been lucky enough to have been to HRC's all over the world (business travel mostly!). We have never had a bad meal. Always a reliable casual meal!!

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We celebrated my son's 8th birthday at the Hard Rock in January (thanks to JessicaR). It was incredible! Everyone hooped and hollered while he stood up on the back of the booth holding a sundae with a candle in it. I still smile when I see the picture!


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