Mar 16, 2001
Several posts and threads have dealt with this topic so I apologize for the repetition but I thought it would be more helpful if I asked directly. I will be at HRH from 4/22 thru 4/26. I will be travelling in a party of 2 adults (myself and my fiance). We like to eat dinner pretty late, usually 9 or 10 pm (or even later). Will this be a problem? I know some of the resaturants can get awfully crowded but we don't need to eat at Emerils (I tried Emerils in Vegas and it was only so so). Should I try and make reservations ahead of time or will we be OK just walking up to a nice place at Citywalk? Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Aug 20, 1999
If you are going to eat on Friday or Saturday, I would try to make reservations. You get first available table if you are staying on site, but you may still have a 1 - 1 1/2 hour wait. I don't think you can make reservations ahead of time. Check with the HRH Concerige desk.


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Mar 16, 2001
The only restaurant that would take a reservation while I was there last week was Margaritavilles or Emerils. All others were hope for the best with priority seating. We are family that planned to eat around 5 p.m. and spend each evening in parks. This worked great for us, never had a wait at any restaurant. I had made ressies at Margaritaville's. There would definitely have been a wait here.
We left Orlando today, as my kid's vacation was this week, not next. I would guess that you would be able to walk right in to dine at that late hour since most people will have already had dinner. City Walk restaurants were all great! Have fun.


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Apr 25, 2000
In my experience, your dining choices drop off sharply after 10. Margaritaville serves a "grazing" menu. If Pat O'Brien's is serving late that's probably your best bet for really good food.

Also, Hard Rock Cafe will keep the kitchen open late if there are crowds. That would also be a good choice for late dining.

Otherwise, Orlando is pretty much of an early closing town. if you can force yourself to have dinner at nine, you should be able to go just about anywhere in CityWalk, but reservations would be a good idea.

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