Restaurant resrvations needed? Also weather ? for FL residents


Feb 4, 2001
We are stayong at HRH the week of March 12th. Does anyone know if we need to make restaurant reservations before our arrival? We want to go to Emerils, Hard Rock Cafe, Margaritaville and the Latin Quarter. In the literature it states something about HRH and Portofino guests getting some tyoe of priority seating at Restaurants. Does this mean we don't need a reservation? Has anyone experienced this? I would prefer not to make reservations in advance since I won't know our schedule until we get there.

Also, to all you Florida residents. Do you think we will need long pants, sweaters at night for that week? Thanks for your input.
We're staying at the HRH in April. I called the reservation line and they made my reservations, which are really PS for Margurittaville. I was told that I had to wait until I come down for HRC, they don't do it ahead of time, but someone on this site directed me to the HRC web site, where you can make reservations on-line 30 days before. If you go to, and keep clicking to find the right location, you should be able to find the place.
the weather is variable that time of year---it will most probably be hot, but i will be bringing jeans and a jacket to orlando in mid march....(i live 1 1/2 hrs southwest of orlando)
For the weather, Florida weather can widely vary in March. The past couple weeks it has seemed like the middle of summer (high's in the 80's lows in the upper 60's). I would pack a pair or two of long pants "just in case". If I was you I would expect warm days with cool/mild evenings. As a Florida resident I think March is perhaps one of the most comfortable weather months of the year, an excellent time to visit!


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