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Jul 26, 2002
Ok, with all of these ressie threads going, I thought I would share a don't be in too much of a hurry tip.

From the first time we cruised my goal was to get one of the cabana massages on CC. Yea right, on our first cruise I THOUGHT I was going up early enough but missed out. It was early in DCL's history and this board didn't exist yet!

Second cruise I scurried on ahead of the rest of my family so I'd get in line right away (not paying attention to the time) and in our embarkation photo Mom is missing. I was heading for the spa only about an HOUR before they started ressies. Had time to drop hand luggage in stateroom, meet rest of family for lunch, and was still second in line. Would have been first but a lady insisted she needed that chair because she couldn't stand in line. I got the massage res though! :rolleyes:

On our 2000 4-day park/3-day cruise combo, I made a boo-boo I won't make again that I'd like to share. Once we boarded, I saw the Navigator's listing of the Shopping in Paradise talk. So I sent DH to get Palo's ressies and I would go hear the shopping talk. WRONG!! DH comes and gets me out of the shopping talk mid-stream and said he grabbed something to eat, and rushed to Palo's for ressies, but they were all booked!! And it wasn't even mid-afternoon. I was a little hot, needless to say. :mad:

So DH said Palo's would call if they got a cancellation, and sure enough, that evening, they did. We got to go on Nassau night and the view from Palo's was breathtaking.

My tip is, that the shopping excursion talks are also shown on your ship television, although they sometimes give freebies away if you can send one of your older kids. So don't feel obligated to go -- Palo's is more important, in my book.

(the shopping in Nassau wasn't that great anyway)
Originally posted by FantasticDisFamily

Second cruise I scurried on ahead of the rest of my family so I'd get in line right away (not paying attention to the time) and in our embarkation photo Mom is missing... :rolleyes:



I was obsessed on our first cruise. I was standing up at the entrance for Studio Sea at 12 to change our seating assignment (no one showed up till 2)... I stopped for the photo though.:p
I'm pretty sure that is where the actual cabanas are but the last cruise all the massages were at Sunny Shades because of the mess a hurricane had left and the rebuilding going on. But reading the boards there has been lots of postings on massages - including couples - at Serenity Bay. I'm working on DH for that this time.!

Thanks Deb! I am trying to talk my husband into it. He has sticker shock. And he's never had a massage and doesn't know if he will like it. He's weird! Of course, I have never had one either, but that doesn't stop me! I guess we gals are different about that!

My DH had never had a massage wasn't sure how he would like it until I gave him a gift certificate for one locally. He is in law enforcement and spends a great deal of time driving around and we all know how stiff and cranky bodies can get when they are forced into that position for too long.

Being too "frugal" to let the gift cert go to waste he used it - and is now hooked! One good massage is worth 10 trips to the chirporactor in my opinion (sorry not meant to offend any practitioners out there). However, IMHO you need someone who knows what they are doing - we go to a certified massage therapist. She has had training in all sorts of anatomy classes as well as various massage techniques.


Thank you again! We have several day spas here in St. Louis, so that might be worth a try!

- Robyn
So what is a good time to get in line for spa ressies? I would like the couples massage on CC.

Well, it varies. It is usually at 1pm that they start taking reservations (and from what I hear, you need to be the first in line). But it has been at a different time before. I have only reserved the surial bath before, so there was plenty of spots open. I would have someone with more cruising exsperience answer that one. We won't get to the dock in time, so we are going to have the couple we are meeting get them for us!
The spa generally starts taking reservations at 1:30 or 1:45. If you're there 10 minutes early you most definitely will have no problem. I've done that on the Wonder and Magic both and have never had a problem getting the reservations I want. :)


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