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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by kaseyC, Aug 8, 2002.

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    Mar 25, 2002
    What are the options available with the Key card? I know it can be used as your lenth of stay pass for the parks. Can it also be used for purchases in the parks and the resorts? Can it be used pay for meals? Does it work like a Sign and Sail card on a cruise ship - where you put up cash or a credit card to handle your puchases during the trip and just use the key card for everything.

    As you can tell its getting closer to our trip, so know I am getting a little kooky about details - 2 days to go:p :p
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    A WDW resort key card can be activiated as a credit card at check-in. It works at almost all food vendors, with the exception of some of the smaller carts. It will work as a charge at merchandise vendors, also. Again, with the exception of some of the smaller carts.

    You will be asked to show a credit card at the check-in desk to verify your charging capabilities. You can have any number of your key cards activiated. This makes it nice if you don't want younger children (or anyone in your party) to have a key card that has charging abilities.

    When it's time for check out you will be given an itemized list of all your purchases. Check it carefully. Even Disney makes errors from time to time.

    Have fun!
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    In addition to being your room key, it will also hold your UPH or PH if you purchase the PH at the hotel when you arrive. You can't buy PHs somewhere else and then have them put on the keys.

    Since the key will be your pass, you'll also use it to get FastPasses in the parks.

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