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Earning My Ears
Oct 15, 2017
We are contemplating adding on 150 points, with stays alternating between the two resorts (we currently own VGF and BCV). 150 points would be 'almost' one week per year at OKW in a one-bedroom, or 'close to' one week every two years at Aulani in a one-bedroom ocean view for our travel period (end of January/early February). That would equal two trips every three years which works well for us.

The price of both resorts seems to be pretty similar although I believe maintenance at Aulani is higher. I am under the impression that for our travel period that 7 month availability for one-bedrooms should be ok. And finally, because of our age, 2042 expiration doesn't bother me too much.

With all of that in mind, which resort do you think would be better to purchase?


Earning My Ears
Jul 26, 2001
I try to keep the maintenance fees low. Haven't stayed at Aulani yet but have tracked availability at the 7 month window and it seems pretty available outside of peak weeks.


Nov 19, 2008
If your plan is to stay in ocean view at Aulani, that seems to be available most times of the year well into the 7 month window. I would think it would be pretty easy to use OKW points there by banking and borrowing where as using Aulani points at OKW is not guaranteed. Right now the last 2 weeks of January and first week of February has full availability for an ocean view 1BR....and we are less than 4 months out. I bet at 7 months you'd have good success of getting your preferred week outside NYE week and maybe the long weekends.

You might also look for an Extended OKW contract that has the later expiration date. I'm not sure what the current price diff is between the 2042 and 2057 contracts, but worth a look.

I think if I was in your shoes, I'd only buy Aulani if I was trying to get the standard or island view. Being okay with the ocean view opens up way more availability and the home booking window really wouldn't be much of an advantage to you if ocean view is what you want. Good luck with whatever you do!


May 1, 2012
Any children or favorite niece/nephews you plan on willing DVC Resorts to? Maybe they can break your tie breaker.


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