Reposting lost thread - use of II points


Jan 7, 2002
Hi, we are going in for a resale that has "one week" of II points banked for use before 2004. Are these points usable anywhere in the II system? Do I use the Member Guidebook to locate them?

Also, these points are on a 60-day or less window, so I'm wondering if they will be useable, practically speaking. Your opinions/experiences?
This is the first time this has come up that I'm aware of. Since you actually get the original contract and number, I would assume that the banked week would go with it to the new owner. Just realize that this is actually a week banked with II and is no longer points. They are not retrievable and you could use them only for an exchange through II. You cannot exchange back into DVC with this week. Once you're closed, get a search going and keep your fingers crossed. If you need suggestions or help with this issue, I'd be glad to offer a hand as I'm sure others on the board would also.

You will have around 250 properties available within II, they are listed in the member guidebook. There may be an occasional addition or subtraction along the way and MS exchange department would be able to help. Prominent suggestions would be any one of a number of FL or SC Marriott units, especially summer for HH and winter (school allowing) for south FL. Also consider HI, Cancun Royals, Aruba and Grand Cayman. I can also offer insight into the specifics of many of the resorts. Let me know the exact expiration date, unit size and season deposited and I can make further suggestions.
Dean, thanks for the info and kind offer. The exp date is 1/2004, it is a one-bedroom (I understand 207 points were used to obtain it). I do not know season or even if that applies -- first I am hearing of this factor.
It would be great to get anything from your second list, but I am concerned about the 60-day window, as I may have to pay more for transportation than I normally would (some more is ok, but it still has to be worth it).
Anyway, I have some time to gather info, and with help from folks like you I am sure I could make it work. Gotta close the deal first.
Thanks again.
The points of 207 does not fit into my thinking for a 1 BR in but it might have included a day or 2 of Premier season. The reason the unit size and season are important as they will likely only let you search for places with 1 BR units and not at the very highest times. That means my first recommendation will all likely be off limits to your seach. In that case, I'd recommend HI (Oct may be all they let you search for), Caribbean and Mexico in summer, HH anytime excluding middle summer (late August to early June), CA desert summer, Ski areas summer and the like. I'd still ask to search for the better places and they may let you but don't hold your breath. You also will likely not be allowed to search for places that only have 2 BR units without lockoff's. It all depends on how firmly they hold to the stated rules.

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