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Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2002
Looking for any comments/feedback on anyone who has stayed recently at the Vistana Resort. We have ressies for Feb. 17 and have never stayed here before. Just looking for comments, anything special, good and bad about the resort. Thanks so much.

Are you talking about the Vistana that is closest to the Disney attractions? After reading through the board, I found outthere is another Vistana resort close to International Drive too. Ok, last March we stayed at Vistana resort, the one close to Disney. My parents got us a timeshare room there(though their real time share is from Hilton Grand Vacation Club). We had the one bedroom. The room was ok, nothing special. The bedroom has a king size bed, and a enclosed balcony. The living room has a queen size sleeper sofa. There was a mini-kitchen that was very useful. The rom had an aptsize washer and dryer. We used it alot, we had problems with the washing maching it made VERY loud Noises, and I was worried that the neighbors could here it , it was that loud. We called the front desk, they sent up a maintance person who supposingly fixed it. Though he said he couldnt see a problem, well it never was fixed and we just lived with it. Now there is LOTS of ground to this resort, and depending where you are staying things are not always in walking distance , well unless you really like to walk. We were way across the property for the store they had and from the mini-golf they had. There was numerous pools, but only the "Big Main Pool" had towels. The pool directly across from our room had no towel service. So we had to walk to the main pool and get towels, on 2 separate days the main pool ran out of towels,whichmade me very angry. So I had to walk back to the room and get some for me and my son. Now dont get me wrong, it was so much nicer then the usual Days Inn/Comfort Inn type places we usually stay in. But, that definitely would not be my first choice if I was looking to purchase a timeshare. Everybody is really nice there and we had no problems at all with the staff or without checkout. There is a few playgrounds around too which entertained my kids too. Hope this helps.
Hi! My family stays at the Vistana Resort every year. There is a new Vistana called Vistana Villages on Int'l Drive, but you mentioned "Resort" so I'll assume that's where you are staying. Very very close to Disney - a 5 minute ride onto their property.

We have always stayed in a 2 bedroom - very large and well decorated. Large master bedroom with king bed & jacuzzi. Large 2nd bedroom with 2 double beds (except Cascades which has a smaller size 2nd bedroom). Two baths, laundry, full kitchen, large living room and big balcony/patio (except again for Cascades - just large enough for 2 people to sit comfortably).

Do you know which phase you are staying in? There are many - ranging from oldest to newest they are: Courts, Falls, Spas, Palms, Springs, Lakes, Fountains & Cascades. Whew! We've only stayed in Palms & Cascades. This year we are going to try either Spas or Lakes (haven't decided yet.....).

Tip: The top floors all have skylights in the living room - very pretty.

How long are you staying? My family checks in on the 22nd of Feb. (yippee!!!)

Thanks so much for your help. We are staying at the resort from Feb. 17-23. I have no clue which section we are staying in. Can I request that? We have never stayed here before. Then on the 23rd we are driving down to Tampa to visit.

I can't wait until our vacation. Really looking forward to it.


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