rental of points question when borrowing is involved

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by KANSAS, Feb 23, 2003.


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    Dec 8, 2002
    I am getting ready to rent 90 BCV points on the rental board, for $10 per point

    I have used 100% of my August 1,2003 Points

    Is the following correct.

    If someone rents these 90 BCV Points, from me.

    I can then borrow 90 points from my August 1,2004 use year and then use them to cover my personal existing reservations, for year 2003.

    Then I would have 90 BCV points with a August 1,2003 use year, that were originally committed to my personal reservations, that would then be free, to rent out someone else for August 1,2003-July 31,2004.

    Or is not that simple??
  2. CarolMN

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    Aug 18, 1999
    If I understood your question, the answer is no. You cannot borrow points unless you are actually making a reservation (doesn't matter who it is for) and all your current use year points are gone. You would have to make the 90 point rental reservation with the points borrowed from 2004. After that is done, you could ask MS to "reallocate" the points between the resevations such that the borrowed points were used for your own personal reservation. The result of that would be the same though, if your goal is to use borrowed points for your own reservation.

    FWIW, I would only reallocate if I were 100% sure I would take my 2003 use year trip. Even then I'd reallocate the borrowed points to my reservation only if the rental fell through - I'd prefer to rent with appropriate safeguards and have the renter assume more of the risk of cancelling . In other words, points once rented, stay rented (no $$ back). Person who rented would be able to reschedule within same time frames as I could. If I could give them additional time by reallocating points (and then banking "their" points), I would. If not, they would lose the $$ if they couldn't use by end of use year or find someone else to rent/take their ressie. Please keep in mind that this advice is JMHO and not based on lots of experience renting points! :teeth:
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    Aug 19, 1999
    I'll have to make some assumptions. I'm assuming you would borrow the 90 points into the 2002 use year and then borrow the 2004 points into your 2003 use year. If your current reservation is in the 2003 use year, you could do this but you'd need to cancel your reservations and then rebook it. Not a big deal if the resort is not sold out at that time for what you want. Personally, if you want to rent some points, just make sure you rent for something that's in your 2003 use year then borrow the points you need at that time.

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