Renewing wedding vows on a Disney Cruise?


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Sep 25, 2001
Hi, We are first time Cruisers booked on The Disney Magic for Feb 2003. Was wondering about renewing our vows on the ship. I have looked into the Fairy tale wedding packages Disney offers,but they are so pricey. Does anyone know if you can renew
vows without the whole package???? We already have the trip booked through our travel agent? We are taking our 4 year old along with us and this would be our 10th anniversary year. We thought it would make the vacation all the more special?:confused:
This will be our 10th anniversary year also. I was thinking of the same thing. Do you think you should renew your vows on the exact day, or a couple of months later would be okay too?
The vows on board ship or on Castaway Cay can only be arranged through WDW Fairytale Weddings. The prices are quite expensive. But if you have your heart set on it, go for this once in a lifetime event! :)

An alternative would be to arrange something on your own on one of the islands/ports of call. St Thomas is quite popular for this sort of thing, too.
:D Our Anniversary will be a few months passed also,but I just thought it would be so nice to renew the vows on our Vacation. I figure that you can do it anytime you wish.
I like the idea of setting up when you are on one of the islands?? We are doing the Western Caribbean. I may check out the Grand Caymans and see what I can arrange. I still may see how much the "Fairty Tale renewal package" would add to our cost.....


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Disney Magic Feb 1,2003 (Can't wait)
I was also looking into the vow renewal for our cruise on July 6th. In fact, I have it reserved, but I decided to cancel it. It's just too expensive.

Our anniversary is on the Friday of our cruise. But Disney says that vow renewals take place ONLY on Thursday afternoon. I wanted to do it on Friday while we're at Castaway Cay. They will only do weddings on Friday, not vow renewals.

Our family loves Disney, but the package they put together for $1099 is just not worth it.

By the way, I never told my wife I was thinking of setting this up. I was hoping to surprise her. Oh, well. Plan B is to get her a new engagement ring and ask her to marry me again during our stop in Key West while watching the sunset.

The actual vow renewal will have to be sometime in the future.
stormkrow -- did you ever consider trying to have your vows renewed at a local church while in Key West?? This can often be done with just a moderate donations to the church.
Hi Stormkrow,

It's the thought that counts and I would let her know after your trip to the keys that you did try and put something together w/ Disney for her. Hubby and I's 10 year is this May and we had also thought about Disney, but they are rediculously priced. We are probably either gonna just upgrade my diamond and or go on a crusie or take a vaction somewhere (needless to say we haven't decided yet).

I really like your alternative idea..., but I think you should get her an anniversary ring, ring gaurd for her wedding set or another type of ring instead. And, you should check with the hotel in the keys that your staying at for their vow renewal program. If they don't offer anything, besides checking with the local churches you could also charter a boat at sunset and have the captian do it. You could also check with the local chamber of commerce to find someone that can perform it for you and maybe they can even suggest a romantic location to do it in as well!

Happy Anniversary! And, she is a lucky woman to have such a romantic like you...
stormkrow -

What is included in that $1099 price? Did you get any information on the renewals on board? TIA! :D
Originally posted by ChiTownZee
stormkrow -

What is included in that $1099 price? Did you get any information on the renewals on board? TIA! :D

Here's the information from their website at

Magical Amenities include:
- Vow Renewal ceremony performed by ship's Captain
- Concierge Service
- On-ship Vow Renewal Coordinator
- Fresh flower bouquet and boutonniere
- Two-tier Anniversary cake and keepsake cake topper
- Champagne toast with Fairy Tale Cuvee
- Romance basket filled with special treats
- Vow Renewal keepsake
- Dinner at Palo, on ceremony night
- One day Rainforest Spa experience
- Complimentary photo
- Champagne and strawberries delivered to the room
- Disney Cruise Line Vow Renewal Certificate signed by the Captain
- A pianist for the ceremony and cake cutting

When you start looking over what they provide, you quickly realize it's just not worth it.

MmKeteer, the reason I'm getting a new engagement ring is because her first one lost a diamond and she doesn't wear it anymore. I'm going to get it fixed and improved and surprise her during our cruise when we stop in Key West. We're not planning a separate trip to the keys, but I will look into a chapel on the keys as a possibe site for the ceremony. Thanks!


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