Earning My Ears
Feb 13, 2002
Okay, i haven't done IOA/US since September and i'm wondering..

Where can i find info on current rehabs and closures?

Also, i'm redeeming an AAA certificate for my AP, and there's some sort of voucher window it says.. where? Did i jsut not notice it in the past?
Ripsaw Falls is closed for rehab. Some restaurants and shops are closed, too, but that shouldn't be any big deal.
ET has a two week rehab going. It's a funny schedule. See the previous post.
Here's a link to the E.T. rehab thread: E.T. Rehab.

To sum it up:

Closed all day: 2/11 - 2/14, 2/25 - 2/28

Open later in the day: 2/15 & 3/01

Open all day on all other days.
Ripsaw will be closed the 15th and 16th of Feb? As in today and tomarrow?


Now my bestest is gonna be glad she bought the AP. She has yet to ride ripsaw and I've been teasing her about it..

Oh well, there's always later ;)
We were there last week and saw a "Redeem Vocuhers" line just to the right of the customer service window at USF. I don't recall seeing one at IOA but we got our tickets at USF so we were in that area.
the IOA voucher redemption window is the last ticket window on the right:smooth:


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