Rehab schedule for February meet?


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Aug 17, 1999
It seems quite a bit will be down while we're there in February? Where do I find the list of rides and attractions down for rehab during that time? It's better if I know ahead of time so I won't be so disappointed when I get there. :)
Now Barb... Disneyland is not Magic Kingdom! It is BETTER than Magic Kingdom! There are more attractions in Disneyland than in Magic Kingdom. (Is 27 the right number?) and the monorail is an attraction to itself here. Downtown Disney is closer to the Disneyland Main Gate than the Ferrry Landing for the long ride back to the TTC. Disney's California Adventure is right across the plaza. The resorts are RIGHT THERE!!! No buses needed! And they have features!

Don't let a few closings and rehabs get you down. No way! :) :) :)
I just 'mastered' Splash at WDW...and now I can't 'test' my 'skills' at DL. :( :( :( ;) :p ;) :p

Looks like there will be no "whoo-hoo'ing" on Splash or Pirates Barb. :( ;) :( ;) Oh well, I'm sure we'll all find something else to "whoo-hoo" about. ;) :) :D ;) :) :D I can't wait! :bounce:
Plenty of things to enjoy, Tia... the coaster at DCA is very similar to RnR, except that there is no dumb preshow and the coaster is outdoors rather than a dark interior ride. Space Mountain at Disneyland is a better ride than WDW, IMO. You will love it!
Oh. Teri, I know. It's just that there are those subtle differences between the WDW Splash and Pirates and the DL version, and I enjoy each and every one of them. Yes, Tia, there won't be any WhooHoo's for us there. :( I was so looking forward to getting the chance to ride them again. Hey, I was even looking forward to walking through the Castle (I love that) and riding the Pinocchio ride! These are DL special features to me. I know that there are some other great rides that will still be open and that's good news. I can't wait to ride The Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones! And, my all time favorite DL dark ride is Alice in Wonderland. I made the family ride that three times with me in 1997!!!!!! I'm sure there will be more than enough to keep us busy, so I'm sure I'll be fine. I've never been to DCA, so I'm really excited about that, too! :D :D
Wow - just checked the rehab schedule for when we will be there 3/2 - 3/8. Can't believe how many good ride will be down. We should be able to do DL in one short day. I guess the flip side of that is now we will have time to do all the other LA stuff I didn' think we would have time for. Time to check out the movie studio tours.
there a huge difference between PotC and WDW and DL

WDW took out the beginning!! I actually understand the point of the ride now!


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