Registration for Kids' Club Activities? Has this changed?

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    We've been to Aulani twice and have pre-registered our kids for specific complimentary activities at the kid's club both times. Today was our date to pre-register and I was ready to sign them up for activities, but pre-registration was just a general form without specific activities. Has this changed? Is everything done there for the complimentary activities?

    Last time we picked our top 3 activities and they assigned our kids into sessions of those during our dates. If you wanted to make changes or add more, you could wait in line in the morning. Would love to avoid that early morning line if possible...

    Thank you!
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    Oct 28, 2006
    My understanding is there are no more free classes or activities, more just themed days. Last time we were there was right before you could Preselect and you had to wait in line each day at 7am to sign up. So I was looking forward to the oreselection.... but it seems like they changed it about 6 months ago (?). Hopefully someone will chime in who has been recently. Initial reports were the change reduced the amount of time Auntys was full.
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    Aulani has changed it so that you just pre-register your kids for the kids' club and no longer have to stand in line early in the morning to book different activities. Aunty's Beach House has different activities throughout the day that you don't sign up for in advance except for the 3 premium paid experiences which you call to book - Surf's Up, Fish Are Friends and Kakamora Chaos with Moana.

    I suggest you read up all about Aunty's Beach House here: (be sure to click on "read more" under each description). Pre-registration also doesn't guarantee participation like the website says which basically means the kids' club can reach capacity levels at any given time during your stay and they'll just kindly ask you to come back a little later.
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