Recent Busch Gardens Shuttle Experiences - Help Needed


Earning My Ears
May 28, 2019
Hi there,
I am planning to go to Busch Gardens on Sunday 29th September when the park will be open from 10am till 7pm.
If I call and book the shuttle, what time am I likely to arrive at and what time will the bus be leaving at? I haven't seen any recent threads regarding the shuttle.
I'm staying at POP so know I will have to get myself over to seaworld for the shuttle.
Any recent advice or reviews will be helpful and much appreciated?
Thanks in advance.


DIS Veteran
Dec 4, 2015
Here are the details from Mears if no one has current personal experience. It shows pick up time at SeaWorld for your date is 9:15am.
  • Arrival time at Busch Gardens is subject to change: could be as late as 11:30 a.m.
  • Departure time from Busch Gardens depends on park closing time. Please call the number below for exact departure time.
  • # of stops for each shuttle are not determined until day of trip. Your shuttle could potentially have a maximum of 3 stops on the route
  • For additional information please call 1-800-221-


Aussie Wendy
Jan 7, 2014
We've taken the shuttle many times. You'll likely get to the parks around 30mins after they open - once we got there before opening. It really just depends on how the bus is running - if people are on time and how long it takes to load everyone.
The bus leaves when the park closes or an hour earlier - the driver will tell you. And if you aren't on the bus you will be left behind.

Like I said we've done it many times, it's super efficient and FREE!


DVC since 1993
Nov 1, 2000
I've done it a couple of times. Much more relaxing than driving I-4 traffic.
You can also catch the shuttle at the Publix on Vineland, more or less across the street from the Outlet Mall.
It's closer than going to Seaworld.


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