Ramada Plaza Hotel


Earning My Ears
Jun 14, 2000
Have any of you stayed at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn Gateway? It's located on Hwy 192 W (Disney exit). I was able to get a nitely rate of $49 per nite for the first week of Dec.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Hi - Stayed at the Ramada Inn and Gateway 2 springs ago. Thought the rooms were dirty and run down. There were stains on linens and on the walls. Ref. didn't cool properly, remote didn't work, drapes were dirty, etc. I tried switching to another hotel but because it was spring break wasn't able till the last 2 nights. We were very disappointed. Also, there was quite a bit of construction on 192, don't know if it is complete. There were other unhappy customers in that hotel also because everytime I went to the desk to complain there were others right along with me. Sorry to deliver this bad news but maybe someone else had a better stay than me. I'll never go back. Lots of Luck!
I'm not sure if this is the same Ramada we stayed in or not, but we stayed in a Ramada once, 3 years ago and because of this hotel, we swore we would never stay off site again. Besides coach roaches, broken door locks, red stuff on the inside of the bedspreads, spit on the walls and rats eating baked potatos on the sidewalk, the first room they tried to give us smelled of urine, the second room was disgusting from cigarette smoke and the third room felt very unsafe. Sadly we could not switch either. I didn't want to sleep in the beds, shower in the shower or walk on the floor, even in shoes! Nothing they could have done would have made us feel comfortable there and frankly, they couldn't care if we felt comfortable or not and did nothing to change anything - except one bedspread. I wrote letters to Ramada, the hotel itself and my travel agent. ICK!!! I was so glad we were only there 3 nights. There are several clean, safe hotels in Orlando. Keep searching the boards here, they have been very helpful to me. Have a great trip!
Stayed there two weeks ago. My husband works for the Ramada, but that by no means has anything to do with my review.

We stayed in the "inn" part, not the hotel, facing the courtyard and pool. It was clean, linens too, bathroom clean too. My husband smokes and we had a smoking allowed room, so it did have an odor which I always carry an air freshener, so that didn't bother me. To me, most hotel rooms have an odor.

We had an uneventful stay there and we were pleased with it. There are at least three Ramada hotels around there, so I'm not sure if the other posters are referring exactly to this particular one or not. The entrance is about 1 mile from World Drive. This is about where construction tapers off on Rt. 192. We had absolutely no problems getting to and from WDW; in fact, I found it quite easy. The construction did not hamper the lanes of traffic. What remains concerning the construction is in the middle-in the island areas.

If you decide to room there, definitely ask for courtyard/pool view in the inn part. They seemed to put the groups/young people in the outer parts facing the parking lot areas. We had only families where we were and felt quite safe. Had a nice heated pool, palm trees and nice tables and chairs with umbrellas all around. Every morning a man would walk through and clean off any debris like leaves and dirt on the tile walkways throughout the courtyard area.:p
Sounds like we're all talking about the same hotel. Pdzabe, maybe you received a special room for employees? Glad you enjoyed it.
But while I was complaining about my room there were plenty of people complaining about the Inn portion of the hotel also. I was even told by a rude employee that if I didn't like it, I didn't have to stay there. I agree there are plenty of really nice hotels off site and I'm sure you can get a great rate also. Did you try the Hampton Inns? The Hampton Inn's I've stayed in always bent over backwards to make our stay pleasant and they have always been clean.
Good Luck and have a great time


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