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    This is a review posted in a thread that was moved. Original poster was DIS member lf214:

    Just got back last night from a 4 night stay there - and before I left I was all in a major panic after reading so many bad reviews. My thoughts on it was it's an "ok" /overall good place. I went in looking /expecting any and all problems. But I would say the "problems" I saw were somewhat minor.

    We were in the 1000 building and I didnt see any stains/rust/odors. I talked to some people that were in the 6000 building and they said their room was just recently done over - it had brand new carpeting and paint/tile etc. Our room was definately not brand new redone. But they were doing over a room in our hall. One night we had to walk through the entire place to get to our building because parking at night can be slim outside the 1000/6000 area - and I think it was the 3000 building we went through and that definately smelled moldy/musty to us even in the hallway.

    the place wasnt filthy but it wasnt spotless. For example. when they vacummed it looks like they did a quick vacumm and didnt use the attachments to get in the corners/baseboards. Bathrooms were clean. We had sleep number beds and they were nice and comfy. Pool needed a bit of a cleaning I thought, but wasnt filthy by any means. That deli/whatever inside is a joke- dont order there. ordered a pizza hut "express" by the pool one day and it took over an hour to get 2 personal size pizzas for a ridiculous cost.

    all in all it was a good time - the kids loved the pool , they would have music playing /activities at the waterfall pool. if I was going back I wouldnt necesarily stay there again, I might try another place, but I wouldnt not stay there again either.

    Hope that helps.

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