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Apr 30, 2001
Has anyone used this site, and if so - how was the experience? I quickly read the cancel policy and it seemed reasonable. I'm just a little hesitant . . .

Trying to find a good rate for 4/12 at HRH and my husband's employer (huge company - go figure) doesn't have fan club cards. I was told no entertainment rate that night, maybe 'cause it's a Friday?

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
I have two upcoming trips booked thru them and I have been very satisfied with everything so far. The customer service is professional/helpful. I've read several other good reports from people on these boards (which is why I went ahead and gave it a whirl.)

Good luck!
I called 800 number and was told no rooms except Club available (April 4-6). I jumped into Quikbook.com and got the Garden View room for $169. Just did it last night so still waiting on confirmation # from HRH before I let go of my breath. (You get a Quikbook confirmation immediately, followed a coupla days later by hotel confirmation number.)

I figure that they have rooms blocked so that what may show as available in one system, is blocked out in another - not unusual in hotel bookings. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting FYI for those booking in peak times. I will let you know if I experience any problems with Quikbook.
for more info on this site. Many people have used Quikbook to book 2 bedroom suites at the Residence Inn. I guess they have a killer rate of $105 inc. breakfast. Anyway, you'll get good feedback on that board.
I booked a room at the Hard Rock Hotel for three nights beginning February 17, at $167 per night, through Quikbook. After I received my e-mail with the hotel confirmation number, I decided to call Universal's hotel reservations number to make sure they had heard of me. So I called this morning and the first two calls showed they had not heard of me. The third call, directly to the hotel at the Florida number, revealed they had heard of me, but that was not a good thing. Apparently they expected me January 28, and when I didn't show up, they charged my credit card as a no-show! And they had no reservation for me for February 17.

I eventually spoke to someone in the wholesale booking department who told me to have Quikbook fax her a copy of the reservation. So I called Quikbook. I spoke to someone very helpful who immediately called the hotel, straightened everything out, and faxed the required letter to show they weren't lying.

I do intend to call the hotel again tomorrow, just to make sure the reservation is in the system now.

Just a warning, make sure to confirm reservations, especially if they were booked by an online agency, to make sure everything worked all right.
ladytramp......i understand about your dh's big employer not having the fan club available. the same thing was true of my dh's.......but guess what, i emailed and called the person who is responsible for their extra benefits in his human resources dept and provided them with the website that they could contact universal to provide this benefit to their employees. within a month they had this available to the employees.....we now have the card and a great rate club level rate for the royal pacific for sept.

maybe you could also do this.....i dont believe it cost the employer anything to do this.


ps.....if this person is on the ball.....you could have this card before your trip in april
An update on my Quikbook reservations at Hard Rock Hotel:

I called Universal resorts this morning to make sure they had straightened out the confusion about my reservations after speaking to the Quikbook representative yesterday, but sadly they had not. The computer still has me as a no-show for a room I never booked January 28, and still no reservation for the room I have a confirmation of from Quikbook for February 17.

I'm getting very friendly with a woman in their "special services" section, and she is trying to straighten it out.

Still waiting.
Wow, I had not heard of any problems until yours so now I am going to stay on quikbook. I booked the residence inn lake buena vista north thru quikbook on 1/6 for our march/april trip. I got the 2 bdroom for 105. I received a confirmation from quikbook. It said that I would get another email with hotel confirmation in a few days. Well, i never got anything so i called quikbook yesterday. She said they had my reservation, put me on hold and then said she would e-mail me the confirmation by the end of the day. No word since. As things stand right now, I am thinking about nixing the whole thing and trying to get the country inn calypso cay for that week. I hope I can still find something if they screwed up.


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