Quiet Places In the Parks...


Dec 6, 2000
HI! Here are some places to realx in the parks.

Magic Kingdom:
Cinderella's Wishing Well near Cinderealla Castle on a path to Tomorrowland.

Walt Disney Railroad.

Liberty Belle Riverboat.

Shaded tables behind the shops in Liberty Square.

Aunt Polly's Dockside on Tome Sawyer Island.

Stave Church gallery in Norway.

Waterfall and Mountain setting in Canada.

Fountain View Espresso and Bakery in Future World.

Garden alongside American Adventure.

Sunset Ranch Market.

Brownstone stoops on New York Street.

Shaded benches around echo lake.

Tune In Lounge.

Animal Kingdom:
Pangani Forest trail.

Conservation Station.

The Oasis in the afternoon.

Any other ones I missed?

I will add Tommorowland transit authority at MK. a very relaxing way to rest those tired feet at the end of the day.

Disney IS a Life Skill!
HI! I forgot about TTA. It's neat to ride in the middle of the day. The heat will kill you, but the TTA will refresh you...

We sometimes will ride the monorail from MK to the TTC and then to EPCOT, then back, or vise versa. ALso, right next the little bakery in France at EPCOT there is a quiet little indoor spot to sit and eat.

By the way, we love to go to Tom Sawyer Island to rest at Aunt Pollys.


Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents is a nice airconditioned place to take a nap.
How about the old Swan Boat dock? It's now a rose garden type area and is great for a quiet sit...



is fine (cough) as long as you (hack) don't mind that it's now (wheeze) a designated smoking area. Nice for the smokers but not so nice for the rest of us. Too bad, it's a lovely spot.



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