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Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by cibflower, Aug 15, 2001.

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    Jul 14, 2000
    Hello All,

    First let me thank all of you for the wonderful info. here on the boards! Our first vacation home this past April was wonderful because of all your great advice!

    Now in the midst of planning for trip 2003 with friends, I have searched the boards trying to find answers to these questions. Got some great tips, but I need some specifics. Help! Please!

    Background info- staying for ~10 days in April at BWV in 2BR, total of 4 adults, one 5 year-old and one 2 year-old

    We are opting for annual passes for our family because we plan to return in 2004, however this is not possible for our friends.

    Question 1: How far inadvance can the voucher for the AP be purchased? Does the voucher itself have an expiration date for redemption? I know we activate it at the park and the clock starts ticking for the AP, but I'd like to know when we can purchase the voucher to hopefully save on a new year's rate increase.

    Question 2: Friends are members of DC and can thus get a discount on park tickets. Can they purchase the ultimate park hopper (which as I understand is normally for resort guests on package plans) or are they limited to the hopper pass? I wonder because the HP does not include Disney Quest (it wasn't listed on Disney's ticket description for a PLUS option).

    Question 3: Don't tell anyone, but we plan to visit Sea World and possibly Universal. Friends are members of AAA and can get discount tickets... does anyone know if they can get tickets for all of us or just themselves?

    Question 4: Last one, I promise. We have been to Disney many times, however this is our first trip with our son/daughter (not born yet so we don't know... 1 month to go!), and for our friends, this is their first trip ever (with 5 year-old). Would it be wise to say that we'll spend half days at the parks and the rest of day pool side, water parks, etc.? I'd like to get an idea of exactly how many days friends will need on their passes if $$ become a bigger issue. Also, because we don't have child experience, I don't want to assume too much! :)

    Thanx a bunch!
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    Oct 9, 2000
    These questions are best suited for our Theme Park Attractions & Strategies Board and our Universal/Islands of Adventure and Sea World Boards. I am sending this to those boards to help you out. Good luck! :)

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