questions about Luxury Pool Home at Premier Vacation Home Inc?


Earning My Ears
Nov 24, 2001
Hi everybody,
I am planning my first trip to Florida, with 8 people and 1 kids.
I did checked the priced from OKW (2 bedrooms villas), it is quite expensive.
Then I check the Luxury Pool Home from Premier Vacation Home Inc, this seems more valuable.
I just want to know:
Is there anyone stayed at the Luxury Pool Home before?
How is the house? Old or new?
How long does it takes to drive to DisneyWorld Area?
What are the advantages and disadvantage?
Thank you for your help!
I have not used Premier but I rented a vacation home after an exhaustive search in January.

I would give you the following advice:

Deal with a reputable company. Premier advertises on this site and has gotten good reviews. The company I dealt with had only relatively new homes. Ask for the ages of the houses they offer. Some only deal with houses 5 years old and younger.

Ask for a subdivision close to the parks. Some can be as far as 20 miles out. For a map to most of the oft-used subdivisions, CLICK HERE

The advantages are obvious and real... SPACE, and lots of it, your own pool and, my favorite, a garage and washer and dryer. The kitchen came in great for my son and I because we are on restricted diets. My son goes to Orlando for the hotel pool mostly, and having one that I don't have to travel to is a blessing.

The disadvantage is there is no housekeeping. The house we were in was so clean that it was easy to keep clean. We didn't have to wash dishes, they told us to put them in the dishwasher and they'll take care of them, and they provided MORE than enough dishes, pots and utensils that you didn't have to wash any to get more.

I am now in the process of looking for another house for my April AND May trips. They can really spoil you!

I hope you have a great experience, and please, report back about your experiences!


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