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Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
we are renting a car from alamo in july.
How do you go about picking up the car since they are not at the airport? How long does it take to get back to the airport once you are dropping off the car for the trip home? Has anyone rented a sub-compact from them? What cars are in that category? I know that geo metro is in there, but what else do they have in that category?

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You pick up the shuttle at the airport. When we rented from Alamo last time, it took us two hours to get from the airport to Alamo and then to Disney. We were 1 1/2 hours at Alamo getting our car. If possible, I suggest you rent from someone else since I have heard this complaint over and over. Check the transportation board on the disney discussion board.

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I used Alamo first week of Feb. It worked just fine, I booked on their website using the QuickRent counter bypass, took no more than 10min at Alamo. Our plane landed at 1:30 and we were at the HRH lobby by 3:00. I thought that was good time, but I am not a frequent traveler of Orlando, so not sure how long it should've taken.
We had a Full size, which was a Buick Century, not sure what the compacts are. I would deffinatly use them again.
We've used Alamo several times and only had a long wait once, but it was a peak time (President's Week). Their prices are SO much cheaper than any other place that I'm willing to take a chance that we may have to wait. What we found helpful on our return flight, because we have two girls, ages 4 and 2, and lots of luggage, is that we skycap check our luggage and then return the car. This way on the shuttle trip back to the airport we only have to worry about our girls and our carry-ons. It's much easier. If you aren't already locked in, you may want to try for a rental car. For our trip to LA in April they were almost $50/week less than anywhere else I tried, even Priceline and you know what the total cost will be, including all taxes, before committing to the deal.
Since i have read the replies you have gotten,,I signed up for quick rent at alamo.
we will be there next month.
It only takes a few minutes.


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