Question regarding tickets


Jun 6, 2014
I purchased military 1 day, 1 park with genie+ tickets and then realized the day we want to go is blocked out. Has anybody gone to the ticket booths to upgrade them to hoppers, which are not blocked out or upgraded to the regular hoppers? Trying to figure out the best course of action. I tried calling but the wait is over an hour and I just dont have the time to sit on the phone. Somewhat local and willing to go to the ticket booths if I can get this resolved.
Is the ticket blocked out or are there just no 1 park per day reservations available for the date? Is it very soon?
Look at the terms & conditions printed on the tickets (the fine print), it may have wording to the effect of “not upgradable”. If so, then no, they won’t allow you to upgrade them. Many, if not most, military or special group tickets have this restriction (for example, group sales tickets for school groups, etc.)

When do they expire? Will you use them before then?

Idk if you can even save them and retain their value toward a later purchase, like you can with other expired tix, because that would be considered an upgrade. We had that problem with non-upgradable tickets we had and couldn’t use. We got pixie dusted & they re-issued them as comp tix with a expiration that allowed us to use them, but it was an unusual circumstance & not one that will ever come up again.

Unfortunately, you may have to buy the ones that will work for you if the current tix aren’t upgradable… hopefully the expiration is a ways off.


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