Question for BWV owners


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Feb 17, 2003
We are staying for the 1st time at BWV in a 2-bdrm in March. We will have 4 adults & 3 teen children, so we are not over the occupancy limit. For privacy reasons, the adults want to take the two bedrooms and have the kids camp out in the living room area. Would it be too crowded or uncomfortable for the kids for us to bring a twin blowup air bed to co-exist with the couch bed extended? Or is there even enough room to do that? We could bring a full air bed mattress and have one kid sleep on the couch without pulling out the bed. Thanks for the help, we have stayed at OKW before and there was more than enough room to do that but I wasn't sure how big the BWV was.

Another question, I have seen a link to a list of all the rooms & views for each resort. Is that on this board?


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May 3, 2001
You could do it if you put the twin mattress closer to the main door/foyer area. With the bed pulled out, there is very little floor space in the main living area.


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May 25, 2000
I agree with the previous poster. The scenario of a double bed blowup with the couch left folded would probably work also.

That livingroom at BWV is considerably smaller than at OKW. That's not a criticism. We own at both and love them for different reasons. Reality is though, that the livingroom is quite small compared to OKW.


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Jul 20, 2000
We pulled the coach out and used a double air mattress with no problem. We just stood the mattress up during the day. We only had one person sleeping on each but they refused to sleep in the same bed. It may be crowded at night but who is walking around while they're sleeping anyway. We did have to move the chair to do this but it wasn't a big deal. We actually thought that we had a single mattress and it was a double.


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Feb 11, 2003
not sure if all the adults are couples....meaning in bedroom 2, will the adults be sleeping in the same bed ?? if so, in that bedroom, which would be the equivalent of the bedroom you would be in if you got a studio, there is a queen bed and foldout couch as well, if not another queen bed....

you would be in good shape if one of the teens didn't mind sleeping in the same room as two of the adults, or if the adults wouldn't mind having company....

then one teen could sleep on the living room foldout, one on the air mattress and one in the bedroom on that foldout....

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