Question: Cashing out of Mypoints to a webcertificate


DIS Veteran
Jul 8, 2001
If I already have a webcertificate account and I redeem my points on for a webcertificate, can I combine it with my existing webcertificate account and balance?

How about if I want to add the webcertificate to my dh's webcertificate account and balance instead?

Am I making any sense? Any one with experience with this?
Hi Grace-Yes, when you redeem for a webcert, you can put it into whichever account you want. When you get the link from mypoints, just use the email address and password of the account you want. My whole family puts their webbies into my account because I have the plastic webcertificate card in my name. I doesn't matter to mypoints or where you choose to put the money.

Once you've put the webcert into an account, it can't be moved into another account though.


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