Question about using passes after the College Program ends.

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by Polybound, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Our child is entering the College program, starting at the end of January. It's my understanding that 3 passes are earned every 100 hours worked, that the parents and siblings can also use. The program ends on May the 25th and we are planning to arrive on May 24th to help with the move back home and will be staying through the 28th. If enough passes are earned for our entire stay, can we still use them after the 25th, which is when the program ends? I've heard it all depends upon our child's lead cast memeber, maybe yes, maybe no. Does anyone know a definitive answer?
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  2. dizagain

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    I do know the answer- one DD completed a year in December and one just started.

    The CP' s may earn up to a total of 9 one-day hopper passes in a calendar year. They earn three passes (good for one person each) at each of three milestones- 150, 300 and 600 hours worked. Your CP will definitely reach the first two milestones but honestly might not make the third. My DD started 2/1 and earned her last set mid-June working 37-45 hours mist weeks.

    The passes are only good through their end of program date UNLESS they have been hired full or part time without a break. If they continue to work for the company as a regular CM they are good for two years.

    I would not count on being able to use discounts or passes beyond end date. Some kids are even removed from system a few days early. My DD asked her leader to leave her in system through that morning and we entered park before 11 checkout time. We did not use discounts beyond that time as she was no longer employed. Hope your DD loves it! Mine sure do! :)
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    Yes, as a PP stated don't count on being able to use them past the last day of their program. They need their blue ID card/maingate to use these and they are supposed to turn their blue ID card in after finishing their last scheduled shift. And their last scheduled shift is usually (not always, but definitely the great majority of the time) a few days before the end of their program (generally at least 2 days, sometimes more).
    Your better bet would be to arrive further ahead of his/her departure date if you really want to use these, and not count on days after unless you are willing to buy park tickets.
  4. bfost87

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    No guarantees but it's not impossible. After my last shift my blue maingate ID allowed me to enter the park for at least the next 4 days (I say at least because I left after that)
  5. Melissa Denning

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    Feb 18, 2018
    I was wondering about this...our daughter ends her program on May 17th...she is under the impression that is her move out date as well. We will arrive on the 15th and have tickets to the Moonlight Magic event at AK on the 16th...we were hoping to move her out and perhaps go to the parks on the 17th. Not sounding like that will be possible if she ends a few days before contract and has to turn in her ID.

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