Question about renting a car after our Disney stay

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by TinkerbellsMom0923, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    We are staying on property for a week and then going to Sarasota for a week. I would like to take the express shuttle from our hotel to the airport to rent the car early on the day we check out of the hotel. I have the shuttle aready booked for arrival but wonder how it works going back if we are still registered in the hotel and how I will get the rental car back into the resort for our last day there. Has anyone done this? I was going to rent at Alamo on Disney and return to MCO but the rental was $200/week more.
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    When you check IN at the Welcome Center, tell the Cast member you, and only you, will be using Magical Express on your departure day and that you will be returning to the airport to rent a car, and about what time you would like to be picked up (I think - or maybe get to the airport). Your departure packet will, or should, be on your door the day before you check out. Be at the Magical Express pickup area fifteen minutes before the time on your packet - that's the time the bus LEAVES, not the time it arrives. Ride to the airport. Exit the bus, enter the terminal (or, proceed directly to the garage if you're a QS member), rent the car, drive back to Disney, pick up the family/luggage, check out, and you're off!
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    You can also forget DME, and have your rental car company take you to the Car rental service center at Disney, and you can go back and get your family at the hotel. Much easier, and quicker.

    Just change your car rental reservation to be picked up at your Disney hotel. We did that 2 years ago, and it was great. I can't remember what company we used, but they picked us up in a van at YC, and took us to get the car. We flew home from Tampa and dropped the car off there. (Some companies are now charging drop fees. They didn't back then, but not always.) Much closer than the airport, plus you don't have to pay the MCO surcharges on the rental car.

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