Question about military discount (armed forces salute?)


Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2002
I booked two rooms for three nights at CBR under the armed forces salute rate. Now, my husband (the active duty military person) and I would like to arrive one nigth before the rest of our party. I called and was told that everyone needs to arrive at the same time. I can understand that Disney wouldn't want the non-military contingency in our group arriving first or staying longer, buy why are they prohibiting us from doing it? Has anyone gotten around this policy? Thanks!
My suggestion would be to book a separate reservation for one room for that first night. I don't believe there is a restriction on the number of reservations you can hold with the military discount, just the number of rooms per reservation. Not to mention it would be a different date. There is a chance you will have to change rooms after the first night, but you might be able to avoid that by having your continued stay noted on the original reservation.

Good luck!
You were right on! I called and spoke to someone else and added the extra night. We do have to change rooms at this point, but it's such a minor inconvenience that I don't mind (especially with the wonderful deals Disney is offering to the military).


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