Question about meals with Dream Maker silver package...


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Feb 20, 2002
I would use my wishes for meals, but I have a question -

There are five of us, but would we be allowed to use just three wishes for three dinners and split the three dinners among the five of us? We did that with Kingdom Vacation vouchers at Rainforest Cafe and found that three dinners including appetizer and dessert was plenty of food for five of us.

Would that work the same way with meals on the silver plan? Or would they make us order five meals and use five wishes?
They can't MAKE you order anything. That's pretty standard in any restaurant you go to. (I'm a server, so I know these things. ;) )
I'm sure you'll be able to order 3 meals for 5 people and then use 3 wishes. Please remember this....each wish is about $33 a peice, so all five people in your party have wishes. Try this on for size.... the five of you are there for say six nights, so the five of you have 60 wishes to use! WOW!!! That's a lot of wishes to use over six nights. Do you know how I came up with that number. Each person times 2 wishes a day is what I did and then add all the wishes together. Be sure that using only 3 wishes will work to your advantage. I have a suggestion for you, use wishes on spa treatments at the GF. Those usually start around the $30 area so you would get your money back on those. Just do some careful consideration and make sure using less wishes will be the best for you. If you have any other questions, just post here or PM me. BEST TO YOU AND ENJOY!!

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We used the Discovery Magic package in December, which is basically the same as the Silver package, and we had trouble sharing wishes. I had read here before that sharing wishes wasn't a problem, so I wasn't expecting the difficulties I ran into. We finally called Disney Dining from our hotel room to ask what the policy was, and they said it varied by restaurant. So, there is no way to know in advance if sharing wishes will be a problem unless you contact the restaurant.
We had the most problems with non-Disney owned restaurants (House of Blues, Rainforest Cafe). Our server at House of Blues explained that their system charges wishes based on the size of the party, not the amount of food ordered. We explained the wish-sharing concept to our server at Rainforest Cafe several times, but still realized later that we were charged two wishes instead of one. Luckily we were able to get the second wish added back to our account.
The moral of the story is, don't assume that you'll be able to share wishes at all restaurants. I did, and it threw my meal plan out of whack :) We eventually decided it was too much hassle and stopped trying to share meals.


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