Princess for a day dress and package questions

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Disney Bride
Apr 6, 2008

My DD wants to do the princess for a day as we're staying at the Disneyland hotel this time. Last time we went it was fully booked.

A Google search only shows really old posts with package details and prices.

Does anyone have the current price and what's included?

Also is there anywhere to see pictures of the current dresses included?

Thanks & have a magical day everyone


Earning My Ears
Feb 28, 2020
I tried emailing, no reply. I called the reservations number and they said you can add on a 120euro princess package which is ~20 minutes. You can not add on anything else over the phone. They seemed to indicate the other packages still exist, but must be booked onsite. Seems like an overly difficult process compared to other parks. Was no issue booking at Hong Kong Disneyland a few years ago.