Prime Day 2019


Just keep swimming...
Oct 19, 2008
Did you find a good deal?
On Nintendo Switch, yes........through Wal-Mart! Ordered it yesterday, as all the 'deal' websites led me there, as they had a great bundle deal. Prime Day was not much help there. And I even bought a $100 Amazon card for the fuel points and loaded up the Amazon account in anticipation! It's not like that won't get spent over time though. 🙃


DIS Veteran
Apr 14, 2008
Circulon is on sale if anyone needs some pots or pans. I believe it’s open to all not just Prime.

Also Lunch Bots are in the Prime Day deals. We had a thread awhile back about keeping lunch hot/cold so I thought I’d throw that out there in case anyone was still looking. I bought a couple of the 16 oz wide ones for my kids to take leftovers for lunch.


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