Pricing on Clothes for Yard SALE!

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by DumboPrincess, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. DumboPrincess

    DumboPrincess Mouseketeer

    Jan 9, 2007
    How much for::confused3

    Mens non name brand?
    Women's name brand?

  2. fjennell

    fjennell Earning My Ears

    Sep 12, 2008
    in the DC, MD, VA area kids clothes go from $0.25 - $1.00. You may get $2.00 on a coat or something like that. Maternity - if you have a lot of nice stuff I would sell it on ebay or in the paper and set a price on the box. If you just have some cheaper items then $0.50 - $2.00 ($2 for jeans, etc.) Men's and women's clothes about the same thing $0.50 - $2-$3. Even name brand stuff will not sell for a lot at a yard sale. If people price their stuff too high, no one will buy it. People expect really cheap prices at yard sales. If you think you can get more, ebay or the paper are better.
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  4. kimmylaj

    kimmylaj DIS Veteran

    Feb 21, 2008
    in newyork we do $2 at the beginning of the day and $1 at the end when we are looking to unload. we have had a lot of luck with people offering to buy the whole bunch for 20 or so. they liketo send it to their families in other countries. like they will buy all the summer stuff and ship to mexico.
  5. imthatgirl

    imthatgirl DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008
    yard sale clothes are usually around a dollar an item, maybe 2.00 if its a well known name or item. which is fine if youre just trying to get rid of them.

    but if youre actually trying to make money from them, ive found selling my clothes to gently used clothing stores to be a better way to get rid of my clothes, and the kids clothes. i dont like consignment stores because you dont get paid unless the item sells. but if you find someone that buys upfront you can make some money. the last time i slod was about 4 months ago, i had 2 trash bags full of clothes, she only took about 1 full and gave me back the rest and i made $83 from it.
    just a thought.
  6. Relish

    Relish Earning My Ears

    Feb 27, 2008
    For kids clothing, unless you are in a major metro area, I expect to pay $0.50 to $1. Maternity you can ask $2-$3 if they are long sleeves, pants, etc. Otherwise $1 for tank tops or things like solid color, short sleeve T's.

    Men's and women's clothing are very hard to sell usually. The toughest thing.
    Men's dress shirts might go for $2 each if they are great condition. I'd charge $0.50 a piece OR a per bag price. Say, everything you can fit in a bag for $4.00.
  7. dzneelvr

    dzneelvr A Disney Dolly<br><font color=deeppink>Doesn't min

    Jan 11, 2003
    Keeping in mind that many major department stores clearance items can be had for under $5, anything non-child should be 50 cents to move move move:goodvibes I picked up new tops for my disney niece at Target last week for $1.40, so don't over price kids stuff either. Maybe $1-2 for a coat or special item, but keep it low and you'll sell. Who wants a bunch of stuff left over at the end of the sale??:confused3
  8. nikkers

    nikkers Mouseketeer

    Mar 30, 2008
    I live in a suburb of St. Paul, MN. I had a sale for the first time this year. I was clueless how to price. I priced everything from .50 to $2. I did price winter jackets $3 and name brand jeans $1.50-$2. These jeans were maybe worn 1 time. My kids are only grandkids on both sides. So, very spoiled. I had a lot of hardly worn baby clothes. I had one small container left. Only a couple of people offered me less than what I was asking.
    I also had a lot of maternity clothes. I did price those a little higher. $2.50 to $3 for shirts. $3 to $5 for pants. These were all of my work clothes. My maternity t-shirts .75. I didn't have any maternity clothes left.
    If you want to get rid of it price it to sell. If you are only having a one day sale, and nothing seems to be selling put out a 1/2 off sign towards the middle of the day. Or if you are having a 2 day sale, do it on the 2nd day. If your items aren't selling you probably over priced.
  9. #1 Pocahontas

    #1 Pocahontas DIS Veteran

    Oct 19, 2001
    I always price my things a tad higher than that. This is because after doing a few garage sales I have learned that people aren't happy unless they talk you down a ton. Most people that would come to our garage sale would expect you to go down at least half price if not more. Some woman wanted me to come down on $0.25 mens jeans. LOL Geesh! Anyway, this way they feel they have "won" a deal and you still get something for what you sell.
  10. DumboPrincess

    DumboPrincess Mouseketeer

    Jan 9, 2007
    I sold Maternity for $2 apiece
    Kids $1 per piece
    Men's $1 per piece
    Women's top $1/Bottoms $2
    Kids nicer sets (think boutique) $3-5 (b/c I can consign them if didn't sell)
    Shoes (kids, can consign-- $2-10 depending on brand on worn or not worn)

    Everyone commented on the shoes and how cute and what good shape they were, but I ONLY had girls' shoes. So I sold maybe 1 pair. The rest I will consign.

    I sold a very ugly bridesmaid dress for $7, a full size duvet for $8 and a new-in-box GT Express for $15. I think it was successful overall. Thanks for all your input and replies!:goodvibes

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