Priceline wins for travel to and from WDW-June


Feb 18, 2000
I am saving a bundle thanks to and the helpful folks at the Priceline bidding forum! We are driving from Mid-Missouri and stopping in Paducah, KY. My winning bid was $12/room (we need two rooms for six people)at the Courtyard by Marriott. Total with taxes and PL's fee.....$34.75.

The next day we are driving to Tifton, GA. Again bidding for two rooms we landed on Courtyard by Marriott-Tifton for $23/room. Total=$58.19

On the way home we are stopping in Atlanta, GA. The best bid of them all!!!! FOR A $1 BID/ROOM we got the Homestead Village!!!!! Total for two rooms with full kitchens in each room..........$8.35.

Our total hotel stays traveling to and from Orlando, taking the drive in three days, is a total of $101.29! With total gas costs around $225 or so and food costs being minimal our family of six is driving down for a fraction of the cost flying would be. Since we are already staying in WDW for two weeks I don't think we are "wasting time" by not flying. And we are certainly saving a bundle!! If I had to buy airline tickets and found a bargain at $99/airline ticket + taxes I would be looking at around $700-$800, plus a rental van adds on around $850 at National. And if we flew in and had additional days we could stay then you have to add in the hotel costs for those additional days that we now have due to flying. You can definatley see that the obvious best choice for us is to drive. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it works for us!!! ;) I just had to share our success! Now, if I could only spring for the GF concierge! :D


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