Priceline success!!!


Jan 9, 2001
Oh my heck! I just got my bid from SLC to MCO for Aug. 14 returning Aug. 21 for $125+ $50 bonus. I was just trying a low amount to see if I could get it with the bonus $. I didn't really think I'd get it, but I did!!! I knew that our flight could be for just about any time, so I added an extra day to our trip when I bid so that I'd have a little bit of leeway time-wise, and it's a good thing because our flight won't arrive until 11:10pm. So I'm glad I added that extra day, so that we won't have our fun time cut short.

Here's the flight info:

Delta Airlines flight #2068
leaves SLC at 4:50pm, arrives MCO at 11:10pm

Delta Airlines flight #229
leaves MCO at 6:24pm, arrives SLC at 8:55pm

No stops or layovers either flight.

Cost per ticket: $125
times 4 tickets with fees, taxes, etc.
Grand total charged to my card= $569.80!!!

I had actually budgeted $1200 for airfare, so think of all the extra $ I'll have to spend at WDW!!

I am so excited, that I just had to share my joy!

My only concern is with the strikes going on. Do you think this will still be a problem in August?

<font size=5><font color=red><marquee direction="right" align="middle" behavior="alternate">Only 141 Days till we're in WDW!!!</marquee></font></font>
That sounds like a great deal! Congratulations!! Now you can try for a $10 room for the first night :)


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