Priceline stories (3 and 4 star hotels please)


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Jan 4, 2001
I have Movies booked for Feb 28 to Mar 5 2001 but after so many good 4 star Priceline stories I may give it a try. Can I hear stories of good and bad 4 and 3 star DISNEY AREA purchase in the last few months.
How does everyone know the 4 star choice are always swan, dolphin, wyndham and Marriot?

Please give this first timer any advice for a march room bid.

By the way, my mother went to Ireland in September for the second year in a row and LOVED it!! She said you are all the nicest people. I hope to go there someday.

I know this won't really help you (because you want to stay near Disney) but I bid $40 on a 3 star (Renaissance Airport Orlando) and got it. The room starts at $150/night. I've heard it is really nice, and I'm so pleased with my decision to use Priceline.

Good luck!

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I used priceline in Aug and got $51 a night for our first 3 nights and $48 for our second 4 nights the MOWC. It was great. The staff new we got our room on priceline (because of the price) but it made no difference to them. We made special request upon check-in (ajoining room, 1 with a king size, 1 with double) NO PROBLEM!! They were great. I would definitely stay there again and use priceline.
Also, it was really easy to drive to WDW, just a right and that's all. About a 5-10 minute ride.
I was accepted through Priceline for Feb 3 2001-Feb 8 2001, we are staying at Summerfield Suites Lake Buena Vista(it's owned by the Wyndham Hotel family). It's a 3 star hotel, one bedroom suite, full kitchen, free continental breakfast, and it's 1 1/2 miles from WDW. My bid of $40 per night was accepted first time. I have read some wonderful reviews of this hotel, we are so excited!

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Last October was the first and last time that I will use priceline! I booked four nights at the Wyndham for $65 a night. I thought so good so far. Then I got to the resort! The people there knew that you came from priceline and treated you as second class. Furthermore, I had called the resort before my trip and asked if there were any other hidden charges and I was told no. When I got there and checked my bill after the first day, I noticed that they were charging a $7.00 per day additional resort fee. Be very careful if you use priceline! In addition the room that you get will probably be very undesirable. We had a very nice view of a large air unit and that was all. My recommendation is to never use priceline or Wyndham.

My family and I stayed at the Wyndham in April 2000. We were there for 6 nights, and we got a rate of $55.00 per night through Priceline.

We had excellent service, nobody made us feel like 2nd class citizens. The hotel was very nice, very clean, the food was great, the pool was great, and we lucked out and had a great view.
We even could take a short walk to Downtown Disney!

Everone has different experiences and opinions. My personal experience with Priceline and the Wyndham were positive.

This year we are going to be at a 3 star hotel the Rosen Centre, thru Priceline for $35.00 per night for 7 nights. I can't wait.

Good Luck to you!

Stayed in September at 4* MOWC. $60 a night (+ 20 bonus). Wonderful stay.

Beautiful property. Huge hotel. You can see the hotel from all over the World. Main pool is huge.

Better for adults I would say as there is a conference atmosphere, but saw plenty of families. Kids go up and down the glass elevators all day (kids at heart will go to the top whether they need to or not). I would get a rental car to eat out. Very close to Disney gates (across from Holiday Inn Family Suites).

I'll admit I haven't stayed onsite yet, but I keep getting these 4* hotels at less than All Star prices. We've toured several Disney resorts in all price ranges, and I certainly wasn't disappointed with the MOWC. You will rake out major Mickey Bucks to match this hotel onsite.

You're not certain to get the 4 hotels you mentioned with a 4* bid, but I don't think any others have come up. Price and availablity is based on Priceline's inventory. See Sheryl's board.
We got the Wyndham on I-Drive thru Priceline for $16/nt. plus $25/nt. bonus money and WE LOVED IT!! We weren't treated any differently than anyone else and we had a great room. After a tip on this board I registered for their "Wyndham by Request" program through their website and I showed my member card at check in. They sent over a basket of fruit and cheese, snacks for the kids and beer and wine for me and the hubby. They also had the program manager call during our stay to make sure it lived up to our expectations. I loved the Wyndham and I LOVE PRICELINE!
Just returned from 4 nights at the MOWC in early January, paid 60 dollars per night plus 25 dollar bonus.

Hotel is huge and the rooms very comfortable. Location is great, a short drive to Disney world and I-4 is right next to the hotel, making dining out and visiting other theme parks a breeze.

Hotel has plenty of restaurants. Some good (the Japanese restaurant and the steak house is good) while others are just so-so. There is even a food court for inexpensive dining. There are numerous pools and hot tubs, both indoor and out, plus other recreational facilities such as golfing, videogame arcades and many others

Service is quick and very friendly. They knew I reserved through Priceline, but I still get the room I desired (North wing, King bed, EPCOT view, high floor). My personal opinion is that while some hotels may try to put you in inferior rooms, never hestitate to ask for a change if you are not satisfied.

I have been using Priceline since their inception in 98, and it is the best travel related service ever. Without them I probably can't afford to go on as many trips as I did the past couple years.
I love Priceline!

I first used PL for a 4 star in May 2000, got the MOWC for $65, loved it. Luxurious, large hotel with top notch service! Spoiled us to death. We got a wonderful view of the golf course and the glass elevator (the kids loved that) and not once were we treated differently because we had Priceline rates.

I used them next for a 3 star here in Atlanta. Got the Wyndham here on Paces Ferry for $30 a nite, usual rate $100 a nite, a wonderful old Victorian hotel with the feel of the Tower of Terror! It was small and comfortable and close to Six Flags where we took the kids that weekend.

The next time was Expedia and I bought them from a fellow DISer Dirk. I got the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel for one night and the Holiday Inn I-Drive for 3 nights, both 3 stars for $75 total. That was about what I paid per night at the All Stars which is where I stayed for the last two days. I had a much better room, time and service at the two hotels I got for approx $15 a night than both days at the All Stars. I have since gotten a call and letter from Disney apologizing for my less than luster time onsite... :(

My next experience was for the Renaissance Airport hotel again in January 2001. I bid $25 with the 15 bonus money and got it! I truly love this hotel with it's 4 star feel. It treats you like a big warm hug {{{}}}}!

Needless to say Priceline has treated me to hotels that I normally could not afford at prices I can definitely afford. I also like the fact that the rooms are paid for before you get there so it's one less thing to budget. I find myself blurting out my experiences with them constantly because I think uninformed customers give it a bad rap. You must know what you're doing to try Priceline, and the formula is simple...

:) Know your choices and choose to accept all of them.

:) Know the rates of the nights you are going and start low.

:) Never bid more than you're willing to lose because they are non-refundable.

and my own personal favorite...

:D Never bid less than a 3 or 4 star. I don't consider a 2 or 1 star a deal at any price.

The idea is to get the best you can get for the price of a 1 or 2 star.


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I've stayed at the MOWC for $48, the Orlando Wyndham for $21 and the Sheraton World for $25 and would stay at any of them again. Sheryl does a great job at her web site. One of the moderators (Dirk, who was mentioned above) took my list of PL Orlandioo Hotels and expanded on it. The current list can be found here: TravelSheryl's Olando Priceline Hotel List

-- Robin
I got Sheraton World for 2 nights at $25 a night + bonus money for 2 rooms 2/22. I am so thrilled!!! I hear this is a very good hotel. I did use the above website and did alot of homework before bidding. That is what I recommend to anyone trying priceline, find out all about them and possible hidden charges-resort fees. I know through different posts I might have to pay a 5% fee when I get there. It's only $6 so It doesn't matter that much to me and now I'm prepared for it.. I think it's worth it. :)

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We stayed last Friday at the Sheraton World through Priceline and were very pleased. It was a very nice hotel, and the staff was very friendly and gave us the king room we asked for. The other time I used Priceline I got the Swan hotel on the Disney property for $65/night + $25 bonus money. Needless to say, it was really nice too.

We are just getting up the nerve to try priceline, maybe. We need to find out more about it and do some more homework, though. Can anyone explain what is meant by bonus money? Does that mean they actually give you cash as you walk through their doors? Ha Ha! Honestly, can anyone explain this? Thanks so much! I just love this board. I'm learning so much! Thanks everybody!

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pomcoach, if you click on the link I posted above (the second one) and then read the Hotel FAQ, you'll learn about bonus money and a lot of other very useful info. about bidding through Priceline.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Can anyone explain what is meant by bonus money? Does that mean they actually give you cash as you walk through their doors?[/quote]

Well ... yes! :) Actually, depending on when you bid the bonus money might be just a bonus from Priceline, or it might be a bonus for using a certain credit card or it might be for signing up for something. These days, the only bonus money is when you use your American Express card. You currently get $20 per day (up to 5 days) added to your bid if you take the correct link and pay with your AMEX card. When I've gotten a great deal like $21 for the Wyndham Orlando, the hotel really gets closer to $41 per night.

-- Robin


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